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Drink of choice?

I have been getting into drinking as of late and realize that I really like Brandy. Not so much Cognac's though. E&J brand brandy is really good though.
Water for me nowadays https://media.tenor.com/H6sjheSkU1wAAAAC/noice-nice.gif
Mother is drinking that Fire Water.
Honestly I don't drink alcohol. Bad family history and the likes. I agree with Mother on water. Actually this past weekend I have been hella stressed and ironically water has been calling my name more than soda or coffee. Odd in a way, but definitely more healthy.
Nov 20, 22 at 6:50pm
Water is what the body needs. Alcohol is a poison,no way around it... all though I do enjoy mah beer.#hydrohomies
My drink of choice would have to be Tortuga rum, their banana rum is really good! It's a damn shame I have to go to the Bahamas to get it, I haven't seen it sold up in Michigan at least.
Anything tropical when I do have a drink is prefered.
My wife loves the tropical flavors as well but she also enjoys Tequila from time to time. Makes her day. I just can't get over that smell of feet when opening a bottle of it. I don't think I could ever drink bourbon though. It's got too much of a strong acidity to it. Makes my heartburn act up.
@gtechrepublic Good Beer tastes like piss water
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