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Jun 27, 21 at 3:10am

Hey man it's me PK. I just dropped by today only to say hi to old friends. I always respected your no hold bars blunt answers to everything. It always made the forums interesting because you know other people would try to tread carefully or best around the bush but not you. You would say it how it is or address the elephant in the room so to speak. Honestly even if other people don't say it I know deep down they appreciate your challenges to their sometimes simple minded comments and ideas. People go their whole life with people agreeing that they are correct but sometimes people need to hear constructive criticism to get a better view of their own ideas or complete ideas that are incomplete. Yeah man you keep being you and I hope the road ahead of you opens up to another of opportunities.

yaasshat @yaasshat Good to see you passing through again, stranger.
Jun 15, 21 at 9:35pm

Jun 15, 21 at 9:02pm

If you describe someone as mousy, you mean that they are quiet and shy and that people do not notice them.
The inspector remembered her as a small, mousy woman, invariably worried.
Synonyms: shy, quiet, timid, ineffectual

yaasshat @yaasshat I'm but an unread kind of man... Soooo.... What? Also, we both that fit both of us to a T. However, we've quickly since resolved that. ;) How did it end up like this? It all started with a kiss!!! Buuuut.... I'm the guy she's taking a drag with.
VerucAssault @verucassault (It was only a kiss)
yaasshat @yaasshat Had a stroke there. We both kind of fit that,is what I meant.
yaasshat @yaasshat Yup, I'm not the jealous guy, I'm the guy with the girl. See?
VerucAssault @verucassault Now Mr Brightside is stuck in my head
yaasshat @yaasshat It's a catchy tune.
yaasshat @yaasshat My lips are sore, though. She sure did taste like sugar,boss. Sugar, cigarette smoke and tequila.... Mmmm... Tastes like being and adult.
VerucAssault @verucassault Eeeeeyyy we had margaritas tonight. Please tell me you didn't do shots. I might have to rethink this mousey thing.
yaasshat @yaasshat No, just margaritas, like two each... I don't measure when I pour, though. I did one shot, though. It was just sort of "dawwww" how it happened, is all. At least from am outside perspective.
yaasshat @yaasshat She took charge on my clueless ass. I feel like I may be in some sort of corny romcom.
May 13, 21 at 7:56pm

yaasshat @yaasshat Finally! Someone gets it.
Aug 31, 20 at 9:09pm

Aug 23, 20 at 11:07am


VanillaCyro @chocopyro left a comment for yaasshat
Aug 17, 20 at 9:30pm

It lives!

yaasshat @yaasshat Indeed. It didn't commit suicide and instead spent some time in a psych ward. Met a chick with 26 personalities though. Talk about a harem!!!
VanillaCyro @chocopyro Yeesh, sounds like you've had it rough lately. Well, for what its worth, I'm not one to judge on these things, and I'm glad you're still with us.
TheSailingTeacup @thesailingteacup Lmao omg that harem comment. = gold. Glad you’re still here too!
Aug 06, 20 at 1:51pm

I found this definition amusing.

Vagene @ahuman I had to double check, I thought I was dyslexic but you rly did type meme
.... @the_noctor left a comment for yaasshat
Jul 31, 20 at 10:41pm

This is for you Daddy

yaasshat @yaasshat I mean, I wouldn't say no. Thanks, son.
MaliceRaven @maliceraven left a comment for yaasshat
Jul 21, 20 at 12:54pm

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