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27 year old Male
Last online about 15 hours ago
Burlington, WI
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Sep 29, 21 at 9:23pm

Glad you enjoyed it. Which characters are you a fan of?

Sep 29, 21 at 7:08pm

You are watching it now or already seen it?

Sep 27, 21 at 4:56pm

You know I couldn't stay away forever! The MO itch is hard to scratch.


Excellent! Eggman stands no chance.
Just be careful to not knock into any walls... Concussions are not fun, even for Sonic.


I mean first you have to charge up. Then say ready nice and clear.
After you see a long line of badniks then you yell "go" and you will defeat them in less than a second.
So if you used that, that would incredible.


I heard you like to roll around at the speed sound.

But I understand if you have places to go.

We all gotta follow our rainbows.

We can't stick around and have to keep moving on.


Darn it I love that blue blur...

Xin @xinmage left a comment for projectotakux
Jul 05, 21 at 6:23pm

How is your health? Have you recovered from that recent illness?


Happy 4th to everyone


Well I thought my computer bricked but that is not the case. Must have been super dead then cause I plug it in with my sisters charger and it turns on even though it wasn't turning on beforehand. Weird.