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England, United Kingdom
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"Go ahead! Take yer swiiiing~!"
Hopefully this turns out to be a good month. Birthday on the 8th, hanging out with an old friend, and getting SMT V next week.
No, my profile pic isn't Akaza, so before you Demon Slayer fans start bombarding me, calm your tits. I don't watch it.
Beyo @beyozenith left a comment for bufudyne64
Aug 03, 21 at 11:51pm
Oh shit a SMT fan, let's be friends
May 28, 21 at 2:47am
Woah, hello! It’s crazy to see a fellow Shin Megami Tensei fan on here! All the years I been on here this is the first time! I also love your username, a lil nob of Ice ability you get in the game. Also, the game was re release on steam, ps4 and on switch just couple days ago. It’s been fun playing through the game again for the 500th time, I hope you also got to play the remaster as well! Also, also. Love your profile photo, that artist who drew your pfp. She’s awesome!!!
Why isn't this website working properly? What's going on? The message windows are glitching out, and then my laptop lagged for a good half hour.
Give me one good reason why I should live through the next year. Tech censorship is abundant, I can no longer connect with likeminded people anywhere, any alternatives outside the net are blocked off due to the epedemic. What's there to look forward to anymore? What's even the point? I'm so done with it all. We're heading to an Orwellian future, and I want no part of it. If being a shrieking social justice retard is the only way I can survive, then you might as well just kill me now and save me the trouble.
DonChalant @donchalant I don't know you and you don't know me so feel free to take my platitudes with a grain of salt but when society is at such a low point things can only get better given time. Restrictions will lighten, connecting with people will eventually go back to how it used to. Not to mention the possibility of finding the one you're meant to be with should give you something to carry on for. I believe there is a special someone out there for everyone, and I wish you luck with finding yours. On a less serious note, knowing that SMT V is on the way is enough for me.
Dec 18, 20 at 8:32am
merry early Christmas
Well this week was shit. Lost a family member, and now my country's gonna go through another lockdown. My birthday's coming up, and I won't even have that to look forward to now. This year was bad enough already, so why not throw in a few more plagues, some floodings, maybe even a nuke or two while we're at it?
Just so you all know, I didn't come to this website to talk about politics or get into racial arguments. So keep that shit to yourself, or I'm blocking you. This is an anime website, not your political platform for propaganda.