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Your Best Poems~




Yup based on real life events

May 31, 18 at 5:32am

Some children play,
their laughter echoes between the apartment buildings,
the playground made of cement,
I look out my window,
and I shout with the biggest of smiles,

"please fuck off loud bastards!"




Fire in the eyes,
Faster than a fleet,
Seeing through lies,
During the night we meet.

Our kiss is nice,
Your lips so soft,
A stranger curses us thrice,
And you shot her in the face like Lara Croft.

A horde of demons explode
Out of the strangers chest,
They can only hope to us they best.

You pull out your sword,
and lunge at the newest demon.
My love... I am that demon.


Ahh, such a lovely poem!~ uwu


Your beautiful for certain in many other ways, from your beautiful smile as I can go on for days.
I'd rescue you forever no matter what the cost will be, because as long as I'm with you it's a never ending story.
It's been many years as nothing has ever changed, as I love you for who you are as that will always be the same.
I traveled far and wide just to see if you were safe every time, fighting monsters after monster just to save the day as I'm glad that your mine.
Your my future, your my world, your the princess and my past, I hope to make the present last, as you are the one who makes me level up fast.
Trust me when I say that I don't care what people say, your stronger than you look so don't turn your head away.
I love you more than ever as I mean what I say, as your the best thing to me about this world and that will stay the same....
Your hair has changed colors as I have grown in size, how many enemies shall I enemies shall I fight, how many hearts till I die?, i'm not going to lie as I hate how I keep losing you, but I keep on going as I still holds one heart so true.
I know I'm the hero of this story as the wall has been broken, as years have past now as we grow with love and emotions.
I don't care about my name not being the title of this game, let's find our own ending on our own terms OK?


With each passing day I try not to sigh, people giving me reasons to want to cry.
Saturday the tears don't come out so easily but why, when your heart feels like sinking which is never a simple lie.
Each game will bring more feeling of not being complete, especially when you lose that certain person that is standing in front of you face to face and feet to feet.
I look at the world differently no matter how hard I try, I see things more clearly with these tearful eyes.
When people say they love me I never know if they are lies, if you want to do something wrong it feels like a part of me has died.
I wish that somebody would take the tears away, I know that they might not be visible but at least they would stay.
Wishes sometimes don't come true for people like me, nobody would come to help if I was stuck in a tree.
Nobody would want to fall in love with you a fool that has Love in his heart, it's like a puzzle piece when you forget one part.
Will you hold me or would you just turn away and just let me cry, if I was ever gone would you wonder or would you lie.
Love means different things and so does each and every tear, please stay with me and never say I'm here.
My feelings for many people are crystal clear, but all I wish is for somebody to call me my dear.
I know that I have nothing to fear at all, but not having with me makes me want to fall.
The rain hasn't stopped cuz it's so cold, would you be the one to stay by my side when I grow old.
Would you be there when I have no hope at all, would you be the one to snap me out of it when I'm about to go against the wall.
We all have our missions in life, I've seen my mission for a long time and I don't even need to cut it with a knife....
I hope you see me as someone that you can go far with which I'm sure you are, my love for you is stronger than any single star.
Too bad that you are so far away and never look at me the same, all I have is the memories and the tears that just remain.

Jul 18, 18 at 1:53pm

As a loner I often wondered why love hurt
As a loner I often wondered why caring hurt
Why does all of the emotions i feel come back to pain as I stand here looking at the rain fighting back the tears
yet I smile because my friends look to me for straight but when the sun goes down and the moon rises who can i look to...


He woke up and got out of his bed feeling like he been brought back from the dead.
Satan then led him to a puddle of mud.
He rolled around in it for hours and then got out not knowing what he had just done.
Feeling totally ashamed of it he walked over to God and asked to be fixed from the issue.
But due to wanting to feel better he never understood about the path he walked himself into.
He longed for a change in his life.
He wanted someone to step in and end the toil and strife.
He sought support by attending groups and being honest with himself.
Luckily he managed to attain help.
Through it all he's been given hope.
From his new friends he now has the strength to look at the problem and say nope.
Feeling empowered he marched up to Satan and said, "Begone you evil fiend!! I wont allow you to corrupt me anymore!!
You are such a rotten apple to the core!!"
He walked away knowing that he allowed himself to be released
so he could walk a pathway to peace.

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