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Your Best Poems~

Jun 10, 20 at 10:28pm

All my poems r depressing as hell


This is adorable

This account has been suspended.
Mar 28, 21 at 10:37pm

The scent of storm begins enveloping my esthesia. Anticipation stirring trepidation brings forth motivation. Now I prepare for what will be there! Late assembly leaves assuages lacking adequate leverage towards amassing troubles arriving tonight. How like myself having taken granted a guaranteed tomorrow. As I moan lazily, here comes that aforementioned tempest! Wild winds whip westward as rain raps relentlessly upon me. Only regret remains after water and wind strip bare that which I dared not share...My inability to take action when weather be not fair.

Aug 14, 21 at 1:02am

I wrote this when I was bored in a starbucks lmao

I’m trying to figure this out,
The world’s pressure holds me down,
Everything about life is in doubt;

And yet; when your voice is around,
The feeling of pain seems to fade away,
The simple thought of your sound,
It provides the sunshine that keeps my dark clouds at bay;

I always question if I’m enough,
I wasn’t ever prepared for you,
And yet, there you are, in my eyes,
Perfect as you can be, making me cry;

The weight of the world put on my shoulders,
It only takes one kiss to make it fade,
Your lips’ are like a magic controller,
Time with you is a beautiful serenade;

You are nothing at all like the rest,
My heart cried like a broken song,
And yet you suddenly came in,
And everything began to suddenly shine;

Is it true that love shines through the dark?
Every moment counts with you in my arms,
The warmth of your heart leaves a ripple mark,
Shining through my darkness and giving me charm;

I think I’ve finally got this right,
Despite life’s haunting struggles,
Your love gives me a reason to live,
providing a shining light like never before.


I wish I was dead
I’m going to bed

Sep 05, 21 at 7:07pm

When the sorrow become too strong,
And you feel that things went wrong.
Listen to your heart and its song,
let the flow push you and come along.

cheering up poetry ^^

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