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Your Best Poems~


It can be haiku, epic, anything you got!~

May 23, 18 at 9:25am

Nothing special, but I made a Haiku;
My mask smiles at you,
but it is just a facade,
covering the tears.


@Dazai That is deep af. #Bless


i did 3 for mikan kat but theyre buried in her wall so ill do one just for you cheonsa WARNING POSSIBLE CRINGE INCOMING READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION

Of cheonsa i am rather fond
That her name references James Bond
I really don't know you all that well
So lets have a romantic lunch by a pond

Brought to you by 13 minutes of effort ;)


That's so sweet!~


Death, love, and waiting.

Death will come for you as Death came for me 
 And I'll stand right by his side watching you with glee 
 Watching you twist and turn and take your final breath 
 Looking so beautiful in the face of Death

Ambivalence is surly the thing that my face now shows 
I'm so happy now to see you die 
But saddended to see you go 
 You look so peaceful now not knowing that your about to go

When Death comes to take you theres a hissing of the ground 
 For every step Death takes he leaves blackened ground in his wake 
Soon it will be over and soon it will begin 
 And it will be just you and me with an eternity to spend

So many years I've waited, hoping at Death's Gate 
 To hear you call my name, to see your beautiful face 
 So long I've waited to see those eyes, those beautiful daybreak eyes 
 The pain I felt for every morrow that I was not at your side

So many years he was the only one on which I could depend 
 To bring happiness into my life once and for all again 
 Now graciously Death has helped me become one and whole again 
 I am forever indebted to him, he was the one in which I could truly depend

And as I see her leave her bed and appear right by my side 
 I stare into those beautiful daybreak colored eyes 
 She says my name and lifts her hand to brush across my cheek 
 I was so happy then that suddenly my legs grew weak 
 And all the years I spent waiting for her seemed only but a week

May 24, 18 at 2:24pm

I don't want to go to work,
Everyone there is a jerk.
Bills to pay and so I stay.
What else is there to say?

The end.

A master piece, if I do say so myself.

May 24, 18 at 10:26pm

"Anything For Those That Died"

Ah for ever quite majestic
Elaborate when you request it
Elegance for those together
Ornate myst'ries for the better
Disregard those that once cried
They're the ones not on our side
Hold my hand, I'll be your guide
Anything for those that died

And this world is quite majestic
Close your eyes and please request it
We're all there to be together
Adding you will make this better
Come along for this quiet ride
Walk along me by my side
Look around, but stay in stride
Anything for those that died


poems really suck
when they do not rhyme at all
kind of like this one



Don't drown your soul in demons poison by Fran chan

Why do you choose to destroy yourself
Don't be the devils unwanted doll on the shelf
Don't poison yourself and fade away
I put on my best but your actions make me afraid
Stop going through hell to try to feel because you aren't made of steel
We don't want you to die
So please don't make others cry

Still a working progress not finished

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