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27 year old Female
Last online over 8 years ago
HI! ^w^ my names chelsea. I go with just about any name. I love all animes old new cute scary just about any um I'm really shy at first but onces you get to know me I'm really funny and a whole lot of crazy.i love all my friends and it takes a whole lot to make me mad. Lot a people call me emo don't mind it cuz i do have my moments. I love to draw, read, and write. I play the piano a bit and currently I'm working on two novels and a manga. Nine times out of ten you won't find me without my sketch book or a book. I love all music especially Japanese music. When i have my emo moments i get really dark and im just not a happy camper. Seens idk when I'll get a picture I'll describe myself (>w< i promise I'll get one up as soon as i can) I'm exactly 5 foot yes i know short -_-" no laughing um i have unruly long blackish brown hair(when i straighten it or curl it its really beautiful) normaly i wear contacts, if i can sit still long enough in the sun I'm usually a pretty tan color I'm hispanic and more, just to many other heratgies to say and i love every bit of myself so I'm never change myself for anyone I've never really done this before but I'm giveing it a shot. Um idk what else to say so comment or msg me whatever ^w^