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Last online 3 months ago
Your Friendly Neighborhood Cotton Candy Enthusiast

Howdy, I'm a tired cryptid trying to go through life with the energy of a shounen protagonist. Hobbies include scanning online restaurant menus for mashed potatoes, collecting candles/perfume oils that smell like haunted houses and antique stores, and training to become strong enough to defeat the nefarious contortionist I'm absolutely certain is hiding in my house (he'll show himself one day).

As a homebody with a tendency to isolate myself, I genuinely want to form an epic friend group, like a mystery-solving gang of sailor scout stand-users.

Also, I'm, you know, single as a pringle out here and I can't keep being filled with intense bittersweet loneliness every time I watch a good romcom anime series. One day it will be none other than I who carries the love of my life off into a cotton candy sunset after defeating an army of assailants.