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-poke- how are you?

Jan 16, 13 at 7:33pm

Hi, Hi. You have Steam? I'm mostly online there, my username is Xenosagamomo1. I use to have a hole list of gaming stuff on my profile, but I deleted that since I'm never really on here as much.


Wow I am a dumbass I should of known that its one of my few favorite mecha animes.


What is your picture from it looks really awesome.

Dec 30, 12 at 1:47am

Yeah, I see what you mean. ^_^
Ahh. Rural, huh? That must kinda suck, if you don't live close to anything :P
I live right near the CBD of my suburb, so (if I had money), I could walk to the shopping centre and do whatever. :)
Yeah, I tend to suck at eating meals on holidays too- with the exception of dinner, 'cus that's a cooked meal. :3 Yay for living with my mum.
Yeah. The internet is one of the best, and worst things in the world- it's great because you can learn many things from it, but it's bad.. because you're easily addicted to it. :I
It must suck to be away from your friends during break. :(
I honestly can't go more than a week without seeing someone who's not a family member. It makes me crazy. (Because I tend to lock myself in my room and go on the internet- the lack of social interaction is what gets to me. :P)

Dec 29, 12 at 11:48pm

Ahaha. I know exactly what you mean.. I'm also on a break 'till urr.. I think.. the start of February.
I absolutely love the holidays- because I don't have to be daunted by schoolwork and stuff, but I get tremendously bored during it. I also get 3 times more lazy and eat a heap more sweet things. However, this holidays is kinda my last piece of freedom before I have to start actually settling down and seriously start focusing on getting better grades, so I think I'ma try enjoy it as much as I can.
Today, I am incredibly tired. :P
I stayed up late last night. Why does the internets have to be so distracting? :3


I am good I recently got back from my grandparents for a christmas party


Pleasure to meet you too! :)