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United Kingdom
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Hi. I agree with everything you've said in your 'about' part. I am seriously thinking about deleting my account because of the clear amount unpleasant people that seem to be on here. Though I would like to become friends with some people before I do that and you seem to have your head on straight (as the saying goes). Don't worry, I'm as open and truthful as it gets; I show my real face, not some mask to hide behind. Wouldn't be too surprised if you don't see this though, since you doesn't seem like you want to come back.
cthulhusbro @cthulhusbro left a comment for Maid
Jun 24, 21 at 10:49am
Hey there. I see we like similar anime and I wouldn’t mind getting to know you more. Sorry about your past experiences on this site. I know there can be some right weirdos on the site
正義の味方 @gundamu left a comment for Maid
Jun 12, 21 at 7:21pm
woah, I haven't seen you around here in a while. good to see you're still alive and well. o/
toshinokyouko @toshinokyouko left a comment for Maid
Sep 07, 19 at 4:41pm
I got you hun :) https://i.pinimg.com/originals/34/a1/d8/34a1d8c67e7b373de17bbfa5b8d35fc0.gif
Sep 07, 19 at 4:30pm
Dealing with idiots hurts my head. I'll just end up blocking people right off the bat.
Sep 04, 19 at 10:49am
I’m in no way associated with any accounts that try to pretend to be me or my significant other. I can’t believe I have to say this. My URL is: sweetmaid Nothing else. https://www.maiotaku.com/p/kookiemookie is not my boyfriend. He’s someone pretending to be my boyfriend which is very cringe and weird and above all, creepy. Sometimes you may end up coming across people who pretend to be another person, they usually aren’t the person they are claiming to be.
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Yikes, that's just really sad - really hope these jokers get weeded out soon, I'd hate to see both your names dragged through the mood by these goons.
正義の味方 @gundamu wat, I'm surprised people are doing this but also not surprised at the same time. Pretty damn weird considering you can just look at the profile url and see that the account is fake with just a quick glance.
Excaliborg @excaliborg Im sorry to hear this *and im sorry to be late in the party* but hopefully it has already been resolved!
ritsu_chii @ritsu_chii left a comment for Maid
Aug 24, 19 at 11:09am
Thanks for accepting my friendrequest <3
Baka @reinhardt76 Can I get this in my room at 3am? I want a cute girl to listen to music with
Great Daddy MH39 @gdmh39 WEEE WOOO WEEEE WOOO police sirens*... RUN DORITO RUNNN!!!! OWO
Baka @reinhardt76 There’s an age limit on music!?
Aug 23, 19 at 3:48pm
Probably gonna start wiping my friend list out of people who don't talk to me with the exception of some people (females, because I need more female friends for girly talks and whatnot.)
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Still on the quest to find you gal pals but coming up a little short lately which is unfortunate D:
Onizuka @averageboss Ya just did that myself. Though I mostly focused on inactive/abandoned accounts.