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Long John

Last online about 6 hours ago
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Curlyiswho? @forgetmenot left a comment for Long John
Yesterday at 10:56pm
Drunk Frenchie Rus is back from the brink with a half broken arm LOL
you can have mikayuu
Cant wait for Mob Psycho season 3 https://youtu.be/oLALHbB3iXU
Seruru-pi♬ @seruru left a comment for Long John
Jul 25, 22 at 5:41am
I get that, sometimes you just need some me time and other times you just feel to social depleted to reply properly. Im guilty of the later myself but I do try to be upfront on getting easily burned out in that sense. And you are right this is technically social medial though it's easy to forget at times lol. Unfortunately smaller sites like this tends to be way more rampant with harassers, it's good that your lucky in that department but from anecdotal experience it feels lot like a when rather than if scenario
Emil @tsunslayer420lolz left a comment for Long John
Jul 24, 22 at 8:30pm
Not enjoying gaming you say? I've seen quite a few people talk about that. Seems more common place nowadays for some folks. Although I am not sure why this is the case either. Perhaps it is in relation to how we receive adrenaline? We get constant instant gratification when staying online, so I have seen some theories pointing to that as a cause for not enjoying certain activities like gaming. Not sure how truthful that is but it doesn't sound all that crazy to me. Personally I don't have this issue but it is interesting to me regardless. Taking care of yourself is always somewhat challenging I feel. I know my job keeps me tired and leaves me not wanting to do stuff for myself. In general that feels like more work. So taking to time to do something I find relaxing works great as a refresher and then I feel more motivated to put more effort in to my necessities. It's a matter of mindset for me I suppose...
Long John @joemama711 I think its more so just having shit sleep because some days ill have no energy and some energy here and there. Plus im pretty inconsisent with caffeine so it can always help on random days where shit goes wrong. Kinda like today lol. As someone who has taken breaks from this side and other social media is as well I can say yeah it kinda is true because if you stick to yourself and not post everything you think of online after a while your kind of just chill out but if you stay more on here every day every minute every hour you get obsessed and you get drained after a while. Im also working out so that takes a good hourish out of my day every 3 days. I started playing Symphmy of the night and havent felt bored yet rhankfully
Curlycurr @cur_lypav left a comment for Long John
Jul 23, 22 at 10:36pm
That pfp... LOL
Curlycurr @cur_lypav left a comment for Long John
Jul 22, 22 at 12:56pm
Now you have to look at it. All day. All night. JK lol you'd die
Curlycurr @cur_lypav left a comment for Long John
Jul 21, 22 at 12:09pm
Look at this hot ass minor.
Ive never been more excited to buy a waifu cup WOOO BABY LESSGOOOOO
mihomi @mihomi left a comment for Long John
Jul 21, 22 at 1:45am
naah that was from サンマ from twitter