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Last online about 6 years ago
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anon @otakujt left a comment for ZeldaChan
Jun 23, 19 at 6:44pm
I hate that I knew you when I did. You're just like the rest of the old group.
anon @otakujt left a comment for ZeldaChan
May 22, 18 at 11:18pm
So weird to see this profile after so long. Lol
Drunk Otaku @otakusama Agreed! I haven't been on here in 5 years!
e_bon @e_bon left a comment for ZeldaChan
Jan 14, 16 at 12:38pm
Did you ever get to go to Torucon?
Id say its the best way to get together with somebody really.. people speak of the friendzone like its something that cant be surpassed... however, I dont really believe it... its truly a turnoff as a girl to have total strangers hitting on you. You want somebody to be attracted to you, they gotta like you for you and not simply how you look... each relationship starts with a friendship. You get to know one another and see if there is something here... if there isnt something there, or if either party dont try... you remain as friends, but many friendships with the right cemistry can develop to more.
Which of the four mentioned is your fave sidedish for dinner... what do you use the most nya? <3 For me, Im generally a rice and pastagirl nya... wbu guys?