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27 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
Puerto Rico
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Oct 07, 21 at 7:28pm

Thanks u too

Sep 19, 21 at 10:19am

you mean monster musume i would recommend the manga first but also the anime is amazing and the lamia's name is miia ( snake thing


Lately, I've been reading Kimi no Knife and playing Xenosaga PS2. Have to admit, both have been very fun.


I really only read the manga for Tenchi. But I enjoyed the story, plus the art. And for YYH, EVERYTHING. That show was amazing to me when I was a kid haha. How about yourself?


As of now I'm into Trickster, on my list. I try to find more unpopular anime to watch, because usually they are pretty interesting.


Rewatching Power Rangers is so much fun. Not everything needs to be hyper realistic or detailed.


I enjoy Anime games a lot. However, I am aware enough to recognize that the series I love enhances the experience and helps hide the deficiencies. I often wonder if the game would have the same impact without the anime backing it. Imagine Jump Force but without the anime element. Would it still stand strong?


I really like psychological, so i'll give it a try!

what's your favorite manga?

Jun 28, 21 at 8:20am

Sweet can't wait