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27 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
Puerto Rico
Hi, nice to meet you.

I actually don't consider myself an otaku, but I do watch some anime. In conversations with otaku, I never know what series anyone is talking about, and the ones I have met showed me I don't quite fit in. On the plus side, just like sports fans, celebrity culture fans, music fans and more, anime fans are fans of their hobby of interest. That itself I share in common with people who identify as otaku. It also helps that my love for TOONAMI is eternal, haha. Nevertheless, I am here to make friends, first and foremost, learn about new series, and chat with people. I love the medium and want to share this love by talking about it with others. In addition, the music openings and endings go hard, I love them.

(Dating would be a bonus, not going to lie, haha.)