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Jul 02, 15 at 12:31pm

Hello, My Name is Matt, its nice to meet you Tonii!

XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for mermaid_life95
Apr 07, 15 at 12:21pm

That's okay. This site can be pretty dead at times. But, whatever has been catching your interest more than this site, I hope you've been having fun.

I haven't seen Harry Potter in awhile, so I don't really remember the BGM that clearly, but I know it sure was atmospheric.

Oh really? I'm actually rewatching Lucky Star at the moment! Which Sailor Moon is your favourite? I haven't watched any of them yet and I know there are quite a few of them out there. ^_^; haha

blueman @blueman left a comment for mermaid_life95
Feb 27, 15 at 9:24am

what part of fl ?

XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for mermaid_life95
Jan 28, 15 at 12:18pm

Oh yeah. The Harry Potter theme is very catchy. Maybe because it's really fitting for the atmosphere of it all? It's weird that if something really fits, it is so memorable. But if it's really out of left field and out of place, it also sticks in your memory.

Ah... They old time factor. Too bad there isn't a 25th hour in the day for us anime fans. But those two are really worth it when you do get the time. Do you have some top favourites already picked out of the animes you have seen?

XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for mermaid_life95
Jan 25, 15 at 8:22pm

Hey, that's the way to be! Variety is the spice of life after all. Do you have any songs that have really got stuck in your head lately? I haven't seen Say I Love You yet, but what did you think of Clannad After Story and Kimi ni Todoke?

Can't be explained in words, eh? Sounds very promising. I'm still wondering where they'll go now that the prison is gone. I'm sure you remember those thoughts. haha

XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for mermaid_life95
Jan 24, 15 at 6:20pm

Wow. I was expecting more than only eight months of anime watching. You seem to have really good tastes already and some of them I even intend on watching. Which one(s) are you currently watching? Oh good. Because I almost live to ask questions. haha

Does the new The Walking Dead season outshine the pervious ones or are they still too unique to really say?


Oh my god, have you ever played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?

My sister just kept telling me to watch Haruhi again and again. I don't think I noticed the references until I watched it.


Really? I thought they were quite different, so there'd be a lot of people that would like one but not the other.


Yeah, me too. I started watching the sub, but I didn't finish it until I watched the dub.

I'm guessing you like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya too?

XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for mermaid_life95
Jan 22, 15 at 11:23pm

How do and thanks for the friend request. You've got a nice anime list going so far. I know you say you are a newbie otaku, but how long have you been watching anime? And which one was your first? And, am I asking too many questions? I tend to do that when I'm trying to not be nervous and shy. ^_^;

Also, just a heads up, if you have anything to say about The Walking Dead, just don't talk about anything past mid-way through season 4.