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28 year old Male
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Knoxville, TN
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Because now I don't have class on friday or saturday ^^ Nope this is the first time I have mentioned this university ^^. It is its called University of texas rio grande valley XDD Long name it used to be UTPA XD
I used to work like 5 hours per day for five days XD since i had school I couldn't work more >< Nah it isn't I work only during the summers so like I only get two to three classes ^^
It's not far it's like 10 minutes from my house by car so its fine staying the night there XD the only thing is that since it's in the country there is hardly any lights XDD
Only the high school ^^/
I don't think it's big
I own manga, a figure, a few keychains and a few DVDs
My mom just bought me some bed sheets for my bed so that was added to my collection
my room has a lot of posters and most of them are drawings that my sister made for me and colored ^^/ well some of them haha
some other ones I got from a really good friend but most I bought haha XD so it's a small collection that I am proud of ^^

People sure are awesome aren't they? ^^ I respect them greatly ^^
You told me I could call you Brian \^0^/ so Brian is your name ouo

I do a lot of bad things to be honest XD but meh life is too short to be always doing good things to me XD I mean I don't do like horrible things I just do bad things like... not study for an exam, which let me tell you I actually pass those with a better grade -3-/ I have no idea what is wrong with me XDD
No worries I hold grudges but they eventually just go away ^^/

hmmm family member passed away...
I consider myself really lucky to be honest ^^/

Of course not ^^ I look forward to your messages ^^
always ^^


Hmmmm I don't have any remedies sorry ><
No needs to be sorry I also answered late OTL I'm really sorry ><

XDD no problems
It isn't don't worry I've been sleeping at around 11 every night I have a little more time to study in th day so yayyy \^0^/ it's called UTRGV ouo I haven't said I don't think I have XDD
I don't know I honestly don't even know where the machine thingy is at XD I just go do my job and come back home XDD haha
The parents are part of the school board or are family of the school board where I live like it's really small so it's not weird having family in the school board and they use that to their advantage XDD
I try my best to stay positive haha XDD
We can be fools together \^^/
I watch it online and if I can buy it I buy it ouo

Haha maybe XD I like watching people eue haha jk jk I just like how they have fun and just how awesome they are ouo
I can remember names ouo only if I like the person
Ohhhhh ><

I see >< holding grudges is a no no >< but I still do it OTL
Hmmm I don't regret anything I've done in my life so far ouo/ everything has a reason ouo

Haha no worries reply when you can \^0^/
It was the one before the one I'm replying to I believe
My Christmas wasn't the best ><
Awwww that's sweet ouo

Ps: I finally had time to answer this OTL sorry I took forever ><


XD You are such a nice guy haha
I am glad you are feeling better
It's too bad I couldn't nurse you back to health >3< next time I will do my best to nurse you back to health XDDD
XD The internet is really a curious thing ^^

I think they won't, but I start class at 9 so I won't really be needing them, I needed them more when I went to school at like 7 in the morning but now when I go the sun will be fully out and it won't bother me, well at least I hope it doesn't XDD and if it does thennnn Oh wells what can I do XDD My hours had changed XD and I drive now so like the sun is all over me when I drive XDD OTL I hope I am not confusing this I'm so sleepy like you don't even know OTL XDDD
They say that the University I want to go into isn't like the best in keeping the students as their priority OTL like they loose everything or they send you things that you didn't ask for, they are disorganized that's what I've heard XD
I guess it is unique XDD it gets really hot during the summer too hot >< and sometimes the a/c doesn't work so that is worse OTL
Oh being a janitor is good, you are the one responsible for keeping things clean and nice ^^/ I appreciate janitors without them the buildings or the working areas wouldn't be functional ^^/
Yups and it really sucked but the teachers can't really say or do anything to the kids because the parents control the school, kind of like in movies and stuff, I feel bad for the teachers ><
Yups all of my teachers gave up, and it really sucked I like school I like going to learn new things, when I got into college I felt like I had learned nothing from high school and I felt sooooo down and so I don't know it wasn't the best feeling, but now I am back at my feet, and that actually helped me learn how to study better and use my resources more ^^ so I guess it was a good thing that I didn't learn as much in high school :P in a way XDDD
XD I feel like I enjoyed my high school the best I could
THANKS XDD YOU ARE PRETTY COOL TOO ^^/ I hit the jack pot XD Is that how you use that expression? I don't know I might be making a fool out of myself right now >///< but that's okay I consider that one of my charms haha XDD OTL
I tend to puff my cheeks out when I want something XDD haha
OHHH that sounds so good I would really love that right now to be honest ><

I wouldn't cosplay XD Would you cosplay? I don't think cosplaying(?) is for me XD I like looking at others cosplay ^^ its fun OUO HAHA I guess you can say it is XD but I like the tight ones? I don't know how to explain it OTL
I am not good at memorizing things, like I had to memorize medicine names, and what tools are used for what I just couldn't do it, and blood doesn't go to well with me >< I'm not scared of it, but I can't see someone bleeding I'll panic a little...
I haven't had insomnia for a while now which I am really glad for *^* I usually don't cuddle but if it's with you I don't mind ^^/
I had to do it for at least 2 years ^^b how about you? OuO

I hope it helps, if I could I would go with you and sit with you and just listen to you and your dad, that might help you out a little? but I hope everything goes well for you
I don't think I am intelligent it's just things I've learned from my parents ^^/ mostly my mom, and my dad taught me to be strong my mom did too, but my dad taught me to love everyone even if they don't like you and that I sometimes have to speak up in order for others to understand what I am feeling and what I want ^^/ I was a pain to them in high school >< but after I talked to them everything fell into place little by little ^^/
Touchy? I'm sorry to hear that I wish I could help I really do ><

Ohhhhh okay okay, I thought you meant another Apollo thing OTL
XD Yeah the cartoons came out at night when my dad came back from work so he would sit and just watch it with us since we stopped talking and he could rest XDD
I think we did, we actually got back into anime when we were in middle school like the end of 7th and the start of 8th grade ^^
we stopped watching it when we moved to here to Texas since the channels we used to watch them on did not came out here ^^

When I don't have glasses on I feel like I can fall just by taking one step, my head hurts a lot and I can't stay focused on just one thing I have to look around to figure out what is what or I have to touch it to know what it is XD
I also feel weird without my glasses since I've used them for a long time
I don't feel comfortable without them ^^
I don't think it's only a glasses person thing ^^
It's just like having a bracelet on when you take it off after a long time of wearing it, it might feel weird but I don't know XD
Maybe just like a guy's beard?? I don't know OTL
I want to switch to contacts because the glasses I have to wear for laboratory don't fit over my glasses and it pisses me off XDD
Sure I'll send a picture without glasses but I don't want it public >< Can I send it private ??? I hope I am still cute
I got called ogre today ;;~~;; XD It didn't bother me I just found it childish XDDD
Yeah this semester I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore but with Gintama on my side it actually help me out a lot ^^, plus I got to meet you so that was a great thing ^^/
Oh no no, XD if I kept that in my laptop I would die XDD haha i don't have any Yaoi in my phone or laptop
I just have a lot of photos of me being crazy or just being silly XDD
not a pretty sight XDDD
I like yaoi but I am not super mega like in love with it, I like shonen-ai better which is softer yaoi XDD

I hope you are still hoping for my messages I feel horrible for not responding fast ><

PS: this guy used one of your comments and send it to another girl >< I found that really weird ><
I hope you are doing good and hope you had a good Christmas
I will be in your care this year too ^^
Well it was a little early but still XDD


I'm sorry I haven't answer you a lot isn't going on right now but as soon a second I get the chance I'll be sure to send you a reply ><


Yes I would actually really like that right now ><
I hope you are feeling better and that you didn't get sick ><
Oh nice to meet you Brian ^^/

I had them once before but they were a pain XD I didn't like them and I didn't need them, but now I nee them OTL so that's why I haven't gotten them again, because they are a pain XDD
Yes in the summer I get me associates in biology and then I transfer to a university to get my bachelors degree ^^ I hope everything works out OTL
I work in an elevator for like sorghum and corn I am a scale operator ^^/
Good extra safe is good.
It is, she seems just fine ^^
To me it is, but of course it's not the same for everyone I know people who hate college and love high school ^^, but for me I hated high school, not because of the studying but because students treated the teachers so bad, it was hard to watch teachers give up half way through the school year.
I don't know where it got dubbed, but in my school they would always be like "Jeniffer just enjoy it, high school will be the best time of your life, stop being so negative" Or things like "you wont get this years back you'll regret it" and I honestly don't regret living my life how I want to, people just go with the flow hiding behind the shadows that people create for them, but I don't like being told what to do or how to feel so my sister and I lived our lives how we wanted, especially senior year, I had, had enough of everyone and their bs so I just told them off, which led to a lot of people hating on me, but like my mom says "We aren't in this world to please everyone, there is always going to be that one person who hates you, just like you don't like people, people don't like you, that's juts how it is" my mom is cool isn't she? XDD
XDD nah nah it's fine I'll just get a chair or puff my cheeks until you get it for me XDD
YES! =) That is what I meant XDD

Hmmm welllllll I really like the haikyuu outfit and also the outfit for Free! XDD haha OTL
Yups there are schools that start from elementary all the way to high school XD We just got invited and went on ahead but I hate medicine so I transferred back to my old school XD so yeah my Junior year I was in my ugly school ^^
I have insomnia sometimes, and I sometimes can't fall asleep when I want to, it's mostly when my sleeping schedule goes down the drain but that almost never happens, well I use to sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning and wake up at 7 to go to school when I was in my first program XDD coding websites isn't easy work *^* It's not for the people who like to sleep like me XDD

I think you should tell me directly, something like "We need to talk" and you should talk to him, maybe along the way some things can be fixed like the pay or other things that might be bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable. A job is a job even if it's a family job, you should sit down and have a long talk, and if he does not want to listen then you should make him listen, not in a mean way but you should set your foot down. Parents are not always right, just because they are our parents does not mean that they are always in the right and we as their children also need to teach them some things, just because they have been with us does not mean they know us, and sometimes they know that something is bothering us, they just don't know how to bring it to our attention. Like us parents learn little by little from us, from themselves as well, just like they teach us we should also teach them. They know life isn't perfect, but that's what makes life so great ^^/ so I think you should sit down with him and have a long talk, I know it's hard, but running away from it won't solve anything staying quiet won't solve anything. I don't know what kind of history you had, but he is your dad and I bet he does care for you, but sometimes parents loose their way just they way we do and they can't get back in track unless we hold their hand and help them. I would say the best thing to do is go for it, cry, yell, scream, laugh, smile, talk to him and set things straight with him. Things always get better, but they don't get better on their own, it takes a little push, and that little push can take you on a great journey you thought you would never have ^^/ Stay strong I am here for you ^^.
I think I just rambled on and on my bads OTL

Apollo programs? O.O what's that?? OTL
I have asked them but they just say "That's all their was on tv so we just watched it, plus you two really liked watching it." XD They just happen to watch it with us I'm guessing because before my sister and I were born they did not watch anime

XD haha maybe you should ^^/ I want to get contacts but I've been wearing glasses since elementary and I feel weird without my glasses XDD and I look weird?
I've been avoiding Gintama since I was in middle school XD I knew I was going to get addicted, I really liked the fact that it was really funny that is what got me interested I just didn't watch it until recently XDD OTL It's so good when I finished it my life was just so wrong XD but then I started watching random anime and I got my colors again XD
You would probably be scared for life *^* if you go through it XD
I have a lot of pictures *^*


PS: Sorry for answering super late, a lot is going on with my life right now nothing bad but not good either ^^ Just letting you know ^^ OTL I'm really sorry ><


XD Yes yes poor me. Hmmm I feel better, but I still have cough and headaches all day, and my voice still hasn't fully recovered but I feel better ^^/.
I know right XD? But that is okay ^^ I'll get better eventually ^^. No no there is no need to call me JenJen-sama you can just call me Jen if you want. Will power is something I have *^*

Maybe but for now no, since my glasses are a little big I can't put anything over them, but maybe next time I get glasses I'll get the lenses that change into the sunglasses things. I don't think Ill get anymore night classes, because after this coming semester I will only need two more classes and then I graduate, I am thinking I am going to take them online but I don't know yet since I work during summer semesters. We see puddles but not really, it's almost like a rare pokemon XDD OTL
oh wow, be careful when you drive and it rains ><
It doesn't sound insensitive ^^ no worries.
There was a girl who was home-schooled because she was bullied a lot, which really sucked for her >< just another little info about what happened during my life ^^/ she is now attending the same college I am in and she is happy so yeah XDD home-schooling I think is good ^^b. To be honest to me high school was not good ^^, a lot of people say it's the best time of your life but honestly right now that I am in college is when I am having the best time of my life ^^. Just between us I was a depressed messed during my high school years ^^ OTL It really sucked but now I am way way better than I was back then ^^. I am a happy person ^^/
I needed to protect myself, and I also liked seeing the troubled faces of the person who was annoying me XD It was fun I had a lot of fun in a way haha, now that I look back it I am glad I stood up for myself XD Its a happy memory ^^
It worked wonders telling people off, I was hated by a few classmates but oh well XD I'm not here in this world to make everyone like me XD I can careless if they hated or liked me to be honest.
I don't mind sharing the reason, would you like to know it ^^?
Oh no worries, the past is the past, I don't really get mad for things that happened in the past I try to enjoy the present as much as I can and not worry about the future.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh~ you are tall, tall guys I usually don't see around XD, the tallest guy I know is 5'8"
Tall people are the best XD I think your height is the perfect height ^^ and to help me reach for things *^*
We are lucky people in deed, that makes me happy my horoscope was right XDD JK I don't look at that stuff XDD unless my mom watches this one show that says stuff about the daily horoscope

Welllllllllllllllll I only really watch Free! haha XDD
It was a high school to get into medical pre-university? it got you ready for med school that's what I meant ^^'
medicine classes? Not in normal high schools, this school was a special medical high school, they take you to see a brain operation I think junior year, but I didn't say so I didn't get to see it -3-
Nopes I don't stay up at that time to study >< I stay up to around 1 but that us rare XD it's usually up to 11 and then I study a few before the exam XD

Yups she is identical ^^
She is also a biology major, but she works and she also studied architecture and chemical safety but she didn't like them so yeah XDD
Oh no no, I am lucky since my parents were the ones that introduced us to anime ^^, we used to watch Dragon ball, sailor moon, heidi, captain Tsubasa, Saint Saiya and card captor with my dad when we lived in Mexico, when dad came home we would sit in the living room and we would watch the shows that were on ^^. My parents also buy us anime stuff, so yeah my family likes anime ^^, I am really lucky that they don't bother us about it ^^, after all it was their fault we got into it XDD

I actually lean more towards the glasses type XDD haha but what peaked my interest to watch Gintama?
Last month it was Atobe Keigo ^^/

It's been that long? O.O
It makes sense \^0^/


I just got sick like no joke now I have a really really bad cold XD
good thing I am done with school now XDD
Was that a pun/joke?? XDD then I might be good at this XDD (nope not really XDD)
I go back on January 9th ^^ I think haha
No I do the punishing *^*
^^ yeah but like they say in the anime baby steps "baby steps to big strides" or something like that XDD anything can happen *^*

Nope the streets here are not busy at all
I just can't see at night and the lights from other cars drive me crazy OTL
There is at least like three to six cars when I go back home if I have night classes
which next semester I don't have ^^
Really? Here the rain doesn't really like do that
It really hardly rains here, when it does the water goes to the draining things XDD I dont know what they are called XDD
I don't understand why people can be so mean and annoying, like when I was in high school if you liked anime or anything that wasn't "normal" you were an outcast or like they would make fun of that person XD I was one of them but I don't take crap from anyone so I would tell them off XDD but I don't understand why they are so mean about it, like its my life they have no right to tell me what I can or can't watch or they have no right to make fun of someone for liking something they don't
or like in your case he does not have the right to make you feel uncomfortable for watching anime. Sometimes I just want to put my fist in their faces and punch some senses into them, they are rude and stupid
I haven't personally gotten in trouble or anything but I have gotten people I don't like in trouble XDD I was the reason a guy got detention in high school and I also made a girl's last months of senior year miserable ( I HAVE A REALLY GOOD REASON FOR THIS I SWEAR)
Nah my height is just my height XD
How tall are you? OuO you don't have to answer if you don't want to XDD
I like my height I think it's a perfect size, except when I want something from the top shelf XDD OTL
^^ I will always be here for you ^^, a little help and a little talking to someone can sometimes just make the day better ^^ haha
I read a book somewhere that said "All I wanted was for someone to say 'I'm here for you'" that stuck to me ^^ and like yeah ^^ we just sometimes need someone we can go to when we have to let out some anger, or some frustration or sad emotions ^^
So yeah ^^
I will be sure to consult you if I need anything
Thank you very much ^^
It's not everyday you find someone as nice a you ^^b LUCKY ME ^^b

I would watch sports and horror over other genres, the only genre I would not watch would be Harems, I can't watch those unless its reverse harem and I like the guys XDD
I also watch a lot of animes with voice actors I like ^^/
I taught myself how to work photoshop when I was in middle school, so I've been doing that since middle school, but stopped my freshman year when I went to a high school for medicine stuff, I had no time, my hobby there was to study until 3 or 4 in the morning IT WAS HELL *^* but after that I started again XDD haha
I'm glad you are enjoying my stories XD
That's a new story XDD haha

Hijikata is my new husband XDD (I change husbands almost every month OTL I can't just pick one XDDD)


I was able to enjoy the weather in a way apart from being sick XDD Thank you XDDD
School was breaking my back but I am doing better than I actually thought I was XDD I get out this coming Wednesday XD I will finally be free just like HARU!!!! XDDDD
Yeah they are cheap XD
Yeah if I cuss it means I am really mad or frustrated ^^/ but i mean sometimes things come out of my mouth haha I'm not little angel I'm actually pretty mean haha XDD
The good times come from us? Well that's what my mom tells me she tells me "Jenny, if you are bored is because you want to be bored, if you are happy is because you want to be happy, some goes for when you are sad or mad" So I think good times come from us I dont now how to really explain it OTL but I think we have the ability to change something sad to happy or maybe just like a 'its going to be okay hang in there' I dont now OTL

YEAHHHHHHH I have class in the afternoon I get out at 8 but like there was times when at 8 the sun was still out here, and now at 6 it's already dark >< I hate driving at night the lights from other cars make me dizzy sometimes OTL IM SO WEAK XDDD
really? That is no good -3- that is mean they should mind their own business >3< it's not like anime brings harm to someone >< People are ignorant? Is that what you would call them? I dont know OTL
We would meet that would be awesome XDD
I dont mind committing a misdemeanor like I said XD Im not an angel or nice XD I can be really, really mean XD only if I have to be ^^/ sometimes people need a good beating in order to understand than not everyone can be like them -3- or that they need to just deal with things even if they don't like them ^^'
I am 5 feet 3 inches *^* im the shortest from my friends XDD
You can complain all you want and tell me anything ^^/ im here for you ^^ sometimes its better to talk to people online and it gives a sense or relief? I dont know I talk to my mom and sister about my probables but there is things I would rather tell someone else ^^' in the end it just helps me bring it up to my mom and sister haha so if you need to take something off of your chest I am here ^^/

haha OKAY XDD I dont like watching sad anime they make me sad XD so I stick to my horror anime and sports anime XDD and other anime that isn't sad ^^/
The digital program I was in dealt with photography, video, sound, the adobe products, 3D animation, animation, website design too ^^/ it was fun but it's more of a hobby
Have I always challenged myself? Nope this is the first time and I am failing miserably but it's not boring ^^/ I actually want to continue in this path and see how much I can do with things I am not good at ^^
Like for the digital design program it was boring for me, and I always thought I was weird because everyone else seemed to enjoy it and have fun with it, but always doing good at something that you are good at, for me it wasn't the best and I don't know I wasn't the best but I also wasn't the worse and now that I am in the Biology program I can actually say I enjoy what I am doing with my life XDD OTL I'm talking too much >< No no specific order it's just places I would like to visit ^^/

haha XD I want a smart-flip phone XDD if that is possible here XDD which I hope one day it is ^^
Boooooo I can see it in mine but oh well XDD

It actually only made me miss two classes but it's okay XD I did good even if I didn't go to the classes ^^/



Sorry I haven't answered you I've been really sick OTL
I'll answer you a star soon as I can


It finally got down to the 70s this week it feels nice XDD
here not often :/ it would be a miracle if it ever reaches 40s which I hope this year it does go down but I really doubt it will ><
I am a fan of rice XDD I'm hispanic so yeah we eat a lot of rice and beans XDD I LOVE POTATOES XDD I like them with cheese XDD A LOT of cheese XDD
Yes they are -3- no worries you can cuss all you want XD I do it not often but I cuss haha
Yeah genuine compliments are good and I can tell between genuine and not genuine and you are a really nice person so I know it's genuine ^^/
TRUE but but buuuuuuuttttt it can help with later situations so I think negative things will make things easier in the future some way or another of course it will bring negatives but I like taking in positives from that negative
OTL I just confused myself with that explanation if you don't understand what I am rambling about let me know ^^

It is long but once you start watching it the episodes fly by ^^ at least to me they do 0u0
that is true time sure goes by fast and sometimes I don't even know what I waste my time in XDDD by the time I know it it's already dark outside XDD haha
Really? That sucks >< is that person mean to you? if that person is let me know I'll back you up *^* I might be short but I think I can take a person or two XDD MAYBE
Right now I am actually doing pretty good ^^b
I use to be depressed a lot but I got my shiz together and I just live a day at a time ^^ once I started college everything changed I met a lot of genuine people and made better friends ^^b so it's been a while since I've wanted to snap or anything like that ^^ thank you for your offer if I ever need to talk to someone about something I'll be sure to talk to you same goes for you if you need anyone to talk to I'll be happy to listen XDD or read?? OTL

yes yes I know what you mean >< I almost cried OTL I get emotional in animes OTL OTL OTL XDDD
It would maybe someone out there will later explain it ^^ let's hope someone does ^^
Ohhh I see I'm not so sure about that XD I'm getting a biology degree which I can use to be a botanist but I'm not sure what I would be called after I graduate 0.0
Yeah ^^ the person seemed to be having fun so I wanted to try it out
Science was and is still my worse subject but I like the challenge I have a Digital media design technology degree but for me that is more of a hobby and I wanted to try something that I found hard XDD so I picked biology and it's fun, stressful and everything so I really like it ^^
I would like to travel to Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, South America, Japan, S.Korea, if I can N. Korea ^^ Greenland, UK, etc. XDDD
Yeah I am really sure I don't like Anatomy -3- I don't get the body I should leave that the Medical students XDDD
I hope I can ice skate one day ^^

I'll just look up some online XD That is cheating yes but still I can't come up with anything -3-

Thank you I would really appreciate those vibes ^^
Haha okay
I'll try it with your gif see if it works ^^