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Last online about 1 year ago
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Mar 23, 22 at 1:07pm
Finally back. Almost 100 messages to respond to, and I promise to respond to each one of them, I'm happy to be back <3
It's been awhile, how's life? I've had a pretty busy year so far and things have finally calmed down a bit.
lolax27 @lolax27 Hey! It's so amazing to see you again! How are you doing? I hope life has been wonderful for you? As far as life for me, it's been ok, sooo much University work it's been insane. I have hardly had any free time to be honest. And regular life has sadly been chaotic as well and not in a good way. I am super happy to hear things have finally settled for you. Any news? Anything new? Let me know how you've been! :)
omm99 @omm99 left a comment for lolax27
Aug 09, 21 at 4:14am
Feb 01, 21 at 8:53pm
People pretend to care so much about shit going on in the world or whatever, but a lot of the time they're just putting on a show. People a lot of the time care more about their reputation than anything. If you care so much actually show it, do something, etc. just saying something to fit in with the pack doesn't do shit. I won't say anything unless I believe it, even if it makes me look not so great, I don't care. I see it a lot with people my age. Don't get me wrong, I like it that younger people are showing they care about things, but most of time it's just shallow talk because they feel like they HAVE to, which isn't true. Get out there in the world, meet people, form your own opinion. I'd rather have you just be honest, just tell me you don't give a shit, I'll have way more respect for you that way.
Jan 23, 21 at 7:31pm
New drawing I did today of one of my favorite characters