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33 year old Male
Last online about 3 hours ago
Lancaster, OH
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Ghost @kuharido left a comment for VanillaCyro
Oct 31, 21 at 2:49pm

Happy Halloween


This people! This!


Hillary won the popular vote by only a few million. Which is actually not a lot. Thats just a single city worth of people.

And in all honesty, regardless of what side they are on, shouldnt trust any politician at face value

Laffantion @laffantion left a comment for VanillaCyro
Mar 20, 21 at 9:55am

this JenWilliams girl is blackmailing people


Oh man I missed you and your long ass paragraphs XD. You're so well spoken.

Lisanthur @sanfi left a comment for VanillaCyro
Mar 18, 21 at 6:59pm

Wow, we've been talking that political stuff for a few hours now and I pinky just realise who you are. We didn't talk much, but I remember you from when I was way more active a few years ago. It's great to see you around. Also, your costumes are freaking cool :D

VanillaCyro @chocopyro Oh, I do remember seeing your name back around when I first joined. I just wasn't sure if we ever talked much, a lot of those days kind of blur together. But yeah, Panda, Charles, Lamby and I are all mods now. Other than that, the site's still like I remember it was back in the day. Thanks! Yeah, I got a few seasonal updates on my outfit after I started larping back in 2019. As soon as I started to put together a spring outfit though, 2020 happened and all the Larp, anime cons, and HVZ games got canceled.
Lisanthur @sanfi It's a shame. You look like you're having so much fun in all of those pictures
VanillaCyro @chocopyro That was at a picnic we hosted since it looked like one of our events would happen, but the owner of the camp site had to cancel any reservations since a member of his staff tested positive.
Lisanthur @sanfi Ah, that's a shame
Mar 01, 21 at 8:42am

@chocopyro Sorry to hear about your brother. 8[ I noticed a few days ago you had been gone since Nov but had wondered how you were both doing.

VanillaCyro @chocopyro It is what it is. I've had more time to accept it than most of his friends have, so I'm a lot further along in the stages of grief than most people, having been processing things months before he logged out. But I told him everything I needed to, and thus have had my closure, which is more than a lot of people get, and does help.
VanillaCyro @chocopyro Thanks though.

This makes me feel like such a pussy. ngl

VanillaCyro @chocopyro Floridian kittens are adorable.
Tron @trongx left a comment for VanillaCyro
Sep 02, 20 at 11:32pm

been livin there my whole life, so I know the area like the back of my hand

Tron @trongx left a comment for VanillaCyro
Sep 02, 20 at 10:39pm

I'm from the Dayton area, I'm not going further than that



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