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35 year old Male
Last online almost 12 years ago
apopka, FL
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-_- bitch. why did you turn off your phone?
Hey -^^-<br></br>I'm doing good. How are you? And sorry for the late reply. I haven't checked my profile in DAYS...
redeagle321 @redeagle321 left a comment for allaron
Jan 05, 11 at 2:05pm
ah that bites, sorry 'bout the sword bit. But I'm sure it'll still look awesome o_O!
allaron @allaron commented on Toonami
Jan 01, 11 at 3:31am
Oh wow I totally forgot about reboot. And yes cn was better when they had toonami dbz rocked the afternoons and ruroni kenshin and trigun blazed the night. Loved tenchi muyo and outlaw star aswell and I agree tom after the upgrade was awsome. And those lil annoying robots flying around were pretty funny. We should start a petition to bring it back I hate the new adult swim lineup....anime almost completly gone except for bleach inuyasha and keikkashi.
Jan 01, 11 at 2:33am
Okay megacon is happening in march 2011 for 3 days. Who all is going I've decided to go and do my very first cosplay as ichigo from bleach. My "significant other" has decided to go and cosplay as dark rukia dunno what dark rukia is.....then u should google it XD