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Unique Abilities

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hazydayz started Unique Abilities

Can you guys throw me some ideas for very unique abilities? I'm planning on writing a story, but I want the heroes and villains to have powers that aren't seen a lot, or some that might not even be convenient for battle but the characters find ways to bend them.

Sep 08, 17 at 4:49pm


Sep 13, 17 at 3:27am
hazydayz commented on Unique Abilities

Depends? Just throw me some ideas dude LMAO ^^

Sep 13, 17 at 3:37am

I aint good in drawing but I got an idea.

I introduce Klerica- The ruler of dimensions. She can cut with her sense the reality. That creates a hole where everything pulled in and erased. With her hands she can create a Dimension where she can summon anything. She has good combat skills and can zone enemys out. In other words she is mid-range. She may looks overpowered so I thought about a weakness.

Just be in range and try to kite + She is slow

Sep 13, 17 at 6:02am

Blood (Blood to either make weapons or create earth like blood monsters that are mixed with rock, dirt.

Sep 13, 17 at 10:09am

The marks of feelings (each mark gives the person strength as the mark of happiness gives the person strength and makes the user light as a feather, the mark of depression as the user will feel so much hate and depression that he will have the ability of darkness mark matter with the strength and speed, the mark of envy gives the person super strength and speed with the rage.)

Sep 13, 17 at 10:16am

I think the best way to do this kind of story is to make the characters as humanly capable as possible. You know, so they're not all doing crazy back flips or crazy feats of strength.

Although, immediately breaking that rule, I would give an ability of hypersensitivity to someone unnaturally athletic. It would simply be the ability to intensify the sense of touch. If you really think about it, our world to a large degree is very physical. Whether it's spying by interpreting the vibrations of sound through solid objects, feeling drafts of wind from actions others are taking (like feeling the air move when someone is trying to hit you, so you are able to predict it and dodge), or feeling for the pulse of another living creature. Considering sound waves are physical themselves, it could even be used for super hearing. The possibilities go quite far. I wouldn't consider this to be a villain ability or a hero ability, but more of 3rd neutral party, as it doesn't lend itself to crowds very well.

A more common ability is empathy through telepathy. You used to hear about this kind of thing all the time, how people could connect to other living things on an emotional level. This lends itself to either a hero or a villain. It could either fuel resentment in a villain who understands the dark side of humanity, or inspire the hero who understands the bright side of humanity. It could also be used for a neutral character who simply sees humanity as both good and evil. As far as its uses go, it would be pretty expansive. By sensing guilt, you could read a lie. By sensing hate or desperation, you could predict an attack. By sensing concern, you could determine the point of origin for an incident in the area. A villain could use it maliciously in order to manipulate others through conversation, and a hero could use it for good by being able to gather more information than normal. Interestingly, the weakness of an empath would be a psychopath, who would feel no guilt for lying, no desperation for need, and no concern for danger. A psychopath as a hero can also be neat.

The power to influence the amount of friction between objects I found on a list of the most worthless powers, right there on the #1 position. The power to control friction should be one of the most useful abilities in the world. The initial concept of this power was to be used to let you slide around, which was labelled worthless, and other than that being kind of cool I would have to agree. However by elevating friction, you can ignite a fire, create electricity, or meld objects together. By negating friction, you essentially reduce the wear and tear of an object due to natural forces such as wind and water to 0. I would say theoretically, if you were to wear clothes with 0 friction, hot air or cold air would simply avoid you, keeping you closer to a natural body temperature, and dirt would slide off of you. To manipulate friction is to manipulate an object on the atomic level. You could even make electrical circuits by manipulating the friction of an object at various points in the object.

Sep 13, 17 at 7:00pm

transforming hands, just the hands that transform into anything your heart desires. they're pretty normal hands tho.

Singing creepy/dark songs, it affects your surroundings and the people that listen to them, either forcing them to have a mental break down or pausing in their tracks to confess their sins and slowly lose sanity. the user can only sing a 3 minute song tho or they eventually destroy their own mind

acid saliva

the ability to keep running forever, however if the user stops, their body will want to collapse and it will be extremely difficult for them to run again

just random ideas and thoughts im throwing lol

Sep 15, 17 at 1:36am
hazydayz commented on Unique Abilities

Thanks guys! Also they don't need to be realistic per see. Not when the main character can turn any material into any material. Even if it's organic.

Sep 15, 17 at 4:43pm
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