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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Gundam 08th MS Team
12 Kingdoms
Gurren Lagann
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Cowboy Bebop
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Tricky indeed. xD

Glad to hear that you're great! Not so glad about the stuff nose part. D: Seeing as it took me a while to respond... are you feeling better now?

Oh yes, I most definitely do dance! Do you? :D
Dec 03, 10 at 2:06am
Well hi there. :)

Lol, my info says where in Ohio I'm from. :P

How are you? ^.^
Nov 27, 10 at 7:08pm
aww thanks. & yes, i definitely will. cosplay will always run through my veins! :D
Nov 02, 10 at 9:55pm
look up my deviantart page its x0xkatiedidx0x. i dont have all of my work up but i have a few things that i've done... not all drawings... just things i've done in my art classes back in high school. but eventually i'll try to get all of my stuff up on it... i've just been busy. anywho... i gotta write a paper that's due tomorrow. lol. tah tah.
Nov 01, 10 at 2:50pm
hello there. well, there are a few things that i enjoy doing but haven't done in a while... like swim, horseback, and or cross country skii (hopefully i will do more of that in the winter). but the things that i do actually do as of now are from helping out with our local girl scout troop with some activities that they do (arts and crafts to helping out with camping). I am babysitting for a program that is being held at a church. another thing that i like to do is art either from drawing to painting to drawing on the computer with a drawing tablet that i have. and i also love cosplaying.... its soooooooo much fun. & enough about myself. how about you? what other things do u do other than read manga and watch anime (i do that too)?
Oct 17, 10 at 9:12am
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Ha its cool, find me on aim sometime my screen name is TenaciousTare. What's yours? Ttyl! :-)
Oct 13, 10 at 12:33pm
no picture
Where'd ya go? :-P
Sep 27, 10 at 5:29pm
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Yeah I'd like to chat add me on aim my sn is TenaciousTare and then I'll give you my skype add if you want to chat on there later :-)
Sep 15, 10 at 1:19pm
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It's totally cool actually I haven't been too talkative on here either I've been kinda late on responding to anyone! How are you doing? Do you use aim, msn or skype at all?
Sep 10, 10 at 2:25am
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Very nice artwork!!!! ^_^
Aug 23, 10 at 10:19am