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23 year old Female
Last online about 4 years ago
Premium Upgrade
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Howl's Moving Castle
Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
Fruits Basket
Princess Mononoke
Elfen Lied
Spirited Away
Pet Shop of Horrors
Apr. 30
Jun 11-13
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yo yo yigety yo! Hmmm vampires...
Nov 10, 09 at 8:08pm
no picture
*long distance glomp* X3 im bored and sorry for the glomp XP yes and you been long distances glomped X3, hmmmm whats your defination in romance? =3, other then that describe your nature, and do you right poems and can you pm me one i can send you one of my favorites X3, hmmm so you wana anything about me? nya~ =3 lol
Nov 10, 09 at 7:20am
Hello thanks for the add, just wanted to drop in and say hello. ^_^ peace
Nov 09, 09 at 11:12pm
:) I'd love that!
otakujojo@yahoo.com I only have yahoo.
Nov 09, 09 at 10:09pm
Gao~ Gao~ Ahh yes~ .hack is a good one too ^^ I can't wait until games are really like that, it'd be so cool to actually -be- your character while playing, don't you think? By the way do you have any messengers, we could chat there if you'd like ^^
Nov 09, 09 at 10:05pm
*_* Ah~ I see I see~ Hmm.. well my favorites of all time are Breath of Fire III and Final Fantasy Tactics, Ive got over 3000 playthroughs on both since the came out on the PSX in the 90s xD Couple of my favorite series are all of the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series and anything by Nippon Ichi is pretty rockin, love Disgaea <3 Star Ocean 1 and 2 are great as well and Suikoden series and Tales series and Wild Arms series and and~ I'll stop now before this turns into a wall :x
Nov 09, 09 at 9:59pm
Lol Oh thank god you're not a Twilight fangirl :x and they all came out of the woodwork after that horrible movie.. lol.. RPGs are fantastic <3 Have you only played the mainstream ones though like FF and KH?
Nov 09, 09 at 9:52pm
Hehe Vampires are alright, I personally don't like that too much though~ You dont dig those Twilight type vampires though, do you? Everyone seems obsessive over those lately xD For the fighters I only got into them honestly because they were at the arcade that used to be around here... Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom~ Otherwise I pretty much only play RPGs and MMORPGs~
Nov 09, 09 at 9:45pm
Rawr~ D'aww~ That's an adorable dog! Pugs are pretty cute too :x Lycanthropes ftw <3 Personally I loooove and adore anything of the Draconic race~ Hehe I like the FF series (For the most part) and Kingdom Hearts too~ Soul Calibur and Tekken are some of the few fighters I'll dabble in ^^
Nov 09, 09 at 9:28pm
Oh boy I'm horrible with questions :x Hmm... do you like animals? What's your favorite supernatural/fantasy stuff, I'm into that myself ^^ Um~ Do you like to play any games like RPGs/Online/Anything?
Nov 09, 09 at 9:18pm