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24 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 3 years ago
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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Howl's Moving Castle
Princess Mononoke
Elfen Lied
Jun 10-12
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Awesome Tobi/Madara cosplay!
Nov 08, 11 at 9:24am
You sound really cool. :D I'd love to be friends and I'm going to A-Kon this year too. ^^
Mar 03, 11 at 4:47pm
I don't think I ever really like the main characters of the show.... I think its because they either lack personality or they have too much personality lol my fav character in gundam wing was quatre and duo, in trigun i liked wolfwood, now dont get me wrong i liked vash too at first but he started getting more sentimental and less funny, yu yu hakusho i like everyone but yusuke, in rurouni kenshin i liked sanosuke, souleater black star and the kid, tenchi i liked washu, dbz i liked piccolo and trunks...lol and the list goes on lol
Feb 02, 11 at 6:54pm
@paya..thanks for the welcome... id have to say my fav is tobi and naruto...even tho he is the main character, that really doesnt automatically make him a fav..lol
Feb 02, 11 at 12:51pm
@kazumi..nm really, just readin one piece, and lookin for that perfect otaku..lol as we all are.. Wbu?
Feb 02, 11 at 12:46pm

oh i forgot to mention i luv ur pic! tobi is the koolest ninja in the world next to black star! lol
Feb 02, 11 at 3:09am
Hi! i see that u've watched princess mononoke! that movie was awesomeness! lol and ur a fan of naruto eh? who's your favorite character? please dont say sasuke! lol jk jk! mine is rock lee and shikamaru all the way! but anywho welcome! :)
Feb 02, 11 at 3:05am
no picture
What can I say lol I'm interesting! Seriously though :) what's up?
Feb 01, 11 at 9:46pm
hey whats up
Feb 01, 11 at 7:00pm