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Oct 23-25
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Poyo~! I'm doing pretty well. Yourself?
Nov 15, 09 at 4:37pm
=D =3

Hey, das not fair...U told me I has to use an anime pic/a pic not of me as my default, but you has a pic of urself as a default pic...I Declare Shenanigans! How do you plea? Do you accept the declaration, or deny it?
Nov 06, 09 at 8:17pm
Lol xDD well I have to be somewhere I guess. Unfortunately I'm only ever seen on the net haha. Sorry about the username xD Yeah I love the anime Loveless too. Besides, described my mood at the time of making it, still kinda does but yeah. Nice to meet you. I just realized I say the word panda almost every day.
Nov 05, 09 at 10:44pm
A. M. F. G. -glomps- Hai!
Nov 05, 09 at 8:47pm
no picture
RE: RE;RE: doodles You're a sad excuse for a German. You don't even speak the language so there. Go learn it and I'll care. And all that soap is bad for your hair. It's going to fall out before you're thirty. Then you'll have to buy a wig. Knowing you you'll probabaly just use it as an excuse to cosplay random characters >.> And for the final part of this three piece arguement: dance puppt, dance!! >:D mwahaha. No go feed your Neopet >.<
Nov 02, 09 at 5:45pm
no picture
Re: Doodles I like German people! Leave me alone about it you twat! And oh no, not a bath. The thought of cleanliness is just horrifying to you, isn't it? >P You lost your dignity long ago, don't lie to yourself.
Nov 02, 09 at 5:36pm
Rawr Hiya~ Welcome to MaiOtaku ^^ What kind of anime do you like?
Nov 02, 09 at 5:00pm