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23 year old Female
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Castle in the Sky
Serial Experiments Lain
Fruits Basket
Haibane Renmei
Descendants of Darkness
Vision of Escaflowne
Mar 12-14
Mar 11-13
Mar 16-18
Feb 8-10
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Thanks for the earlier profile comment. How's your weekend?
Oct 07, 12 at 5:14pm
Have a great weekend!
Oct 06, 12 at 10:36am
Oh. Thanks :3
Oct 04, 12 at 5:28am
Bye bye!
Oct 03, 12 at 10:36pm
I have to go to bed now... *sighs* School tomorrow. I'll be back later guys!
Oct 03, 12 at 10:26pm
I act like a child a lot, but sometimes its for real.
Scared of the dark, no it gives my spine endless shivers.
Such and such.
Oct 03, 12 at 10:12pm
I'm abusing my picture upload button! *Keeps going*
Oct 03, 12 at 10:10pm
Sadly, those weren't my pumkins.
I suck at art. If you go to Google images or whichever server you have and type in 'anime carved pumkins' you'll get a ton of good ones.
Pikachu, other character I don't know.
Oct 03, 12 at 10:04pm
My imagination is too powerful for me.
I make myself see things. I remeber I 'saw' a creature next to me when I was 9. I screamed everytime I woke up to see her.
Now I have to go potty but I'm too scared to!
Curse my scaredy bell!!

......Cute fan. It's a pretty design.
Oct 03, 12 at 10:01pm
Shuichi is the pink-haired guy. Really hyper and loves strawberry pocky. I think he's really cute, but he gets a bit out of hand and Yuki or Hiro have to reel him back in. The mangas art style change really threw my for a loop, with the wackiness getting out of hand, but I still like the series. I really want to read the continuation.
Oct 03, 12 at 9:59pm