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Elfen Lied
Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love
Tenchi in Tokyo
Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal
Hellsing Ultimate
Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo
Highschool of the Dead
Elfen Lied
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Hey there^^ sorry it took me a while to get back to ya. I've been kind of all over the place :/
Jan 09, 13 at 5:14pm
Hello nice to meet yea :D
Jan 06, 13 at 12:24am
Hello! How are you?
Dec 25, 12 at 2:20am
Hello, it's nice to meet you!
Dec 24, 12 at 11:27pm
nm, you?
Dec 24, 12 at 4:41pm
Hey there :>
How are you?
Dec 13, 12 at 12:45am
Hey :D Just uploading some pictures c:
Dec 08, 12 at 3:59pm
yea haha my friend calls us that all the time I guess it stuck to me. Im glad cause I like it too lol...so whats up??
Dec 08, 12 at 3:33pm
hi there brochacho! whats up :3
Dec 07, 12 at 5:34pm
Oh I bet it is! It must have better air quality there than what I'm used to in Toronto, haha. Mm, I'm craving for lobster now, aha.. ;; If you go to Victoria during the spring, there should be a lot of blooming cherry blossoms !
Dec 03, 12 at 10:57pm