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Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
Gundam 08th MS Team
Princess Mononoke
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
G Gundam
ronin warriors
Summer Wars
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Oct 12-14
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Always grand to get a new OVA and gotta love boxsets no commercials =D
Sep 10, 12 at 11:18pm
Anything new your watching? I'm rewatching Geass myself
Sep 10, 12 at 8:25pm
Welcome x
Sep 10, 12 at 7:15am
Oh you've watched Clannad?
Sep 09, 12 at 11:00pm
Oh same here I just started college again this week. Already am I slacking off? you bet. Im so into making my cosplays lately I can't seem to focus.
Sep 08, 12 at 8:33pm
So whats up ^^
Sep 08, 12 at 6:39pm
Yeah! It hasn't really been all that long since I got into Slayers, but I really like it! I've already watched the whole series and most of the movies.
Sep 08, 12 at 9:58am
Hi and welcome to Maiotaku =D
Sep 08, 12 at 12:28am
Hi! Welcome to MaiOtaku :) I haven't been on this site very long either.
Sep 07, 12 at 9:44pm