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The End of Evangelion
G Gundam
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Birdy the Mighty: Decode
Battle Angel
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*blushes* haha it is very nice to meet you Dark
Apr 17, 14 at 5:37pm
lol thanks I see that you like Daisuke from DN Angel
Apr 15, 14 at 10:09pm
we would hang and do the things from durarara ok
Apr 15, 14 at 6:33pm
well I need to find time to reply to the messages, since some take up to two hours to answer. yours are like that as well, and this message was earlier than yours xD
it's just, so much fun and so much work, gonna reply to yours tomorrow :D
Apr 11, 14 at 8:38pm
well your info isn't stupid, don't worry x3
everything that is written is good enough as long as you just write about something that you love it will work out just fine(says the one complaining about her own info).
You actually dared to even tell one of your insecurities in your info, I would never be able to do such a thing, that is scary as hell haha
and by the length of your message, it doesn't seem to me you have much trouble talking x3
But don't worry, I love the longer messages, yours, and the other two messages I received actually were 6 pages long in total, so going to take a while to reply to them, that's the problem with talking.

Well the problem with playing an instrument is that you are stuck in the noobfase forever. And by the time you actually get a little better, you don't play anymore for so long that you get stuck in the noobfase again xD
I would actually love to play the guitar, but decided that I would first learn piano, so in a year or two I might take guitar classes, or ask my friends to teach me, since for some reason all of my friends are amazing guitar players(hate them for that xD)
you know quite a few awesome songs! one day I will try angel beats on piano, but it's just.. I don't have the motivation or something, so happy to finally meet someone that knows what I mean with being stuck in a hole where you can't get out because you don't have any motivation hahaha
Currently learning 'let it go' from frozen, it really is overused, but I find it pretty, and well one day I'll do it, a very special day :D

well you should always treat your pet like they are part of your family, since they are, they are innocent little creatures and really the most fluffy adorable things x3
I have also created a list, it really comes in handy! Do you have it digital? if so, you should share it!
Clannad, such sadsad times, especially that damned after story.. How sad can something be..
My list is, well it's really hard since I like different genres, but on myanimelist I filled in that my top 5 would be guilty crown, anohana, durarara, mirai nikki redial and black rock shooter. I also like gore anime such as higurashi, but not yet has there been a 'perfect' gore anime. Shiki was pretty good, and another was really awesome as well, but for some reason they are not in my top 5;p

Oh you actually did competitions? didn't you find these scary as hell? Well there will always be a basic instict that you have been taught that you can use again next time you get in trouble ;3
well it might not be too far, but it's something, I also went to the 3rd belt with tang soo do. Did you also have to break through wood? that was so scary, was afraid I wouldn't be able to do that xD
Ah well, kendo didn't work out for me, but I'll find something else, I actually am planning to take japanese classes, so if that is really far it may also count as a sport? Tried too many sports, no ideas left. Except ballet, I like the way they walk on their toes, but these costumes... o_o
Don't know le portrait de petit cossette actually, what is it about?

WAIT. you have the one from Saya? GIMMMEGIMMEGIMME. HOLY SHIT. you mean from blood-c then, I suppose? I've been wanting to cosplay her for the longest time, but just can't find her katana, even though she uses many in the series. Where did you get it? at a con? so jealous right now -___-
you are quite dangerous with all the katanas and actually being able to use them. Most people just buy it at cons and then they don't know how to use it, so they form no thread x3

oh wait, you actually record stuff? haha, respect that you are that persistent in doing things you like, every year I have good resulutions like that, and it never works out. Starting to give up on making them in the first place, it atleast makes sure that I feel a little less bad when I don't keep my resolutions x3
You should totally send your channel, you made me curious^^
Don't be afraid to say something out of place, I love out of place. The best people are the random ones that you can have a good laugh with from time to time, oh and of course good conversations(:

Well don't feel sorry, I will typ the same amount of text back, or maybe even more. It's way better than the people you write a long message to and that they just reply with a one sentence message, fuck them. xD

Are you planning on telling anything uncomfortable that you say that? I will never not tell when I feel uncomfortable, what is the point in talking to someone you find creepy anyway xD

-Hopefully I beat you with the length of my message in comparison to yours-
Apr 08, 14 at 3:31pm
We're planning on doing that eventually but it will take time. I don't want awkward conversations of people replying to things that got deleted and stuff happening all over.
Apr 08, 14 at 7:20am
well my info section is just something I made for a few websites, usually I just copy it and after rereading it, I remove stuff I think are actually really stupid to tell xD
so unfortunatly I'm not too good with introducing myself either, 'cause it is really hard to tell what makes me to who I am.
But you have a good start with telling some things about yourself, and you don't have the worst info section either;p

hahaha the 'kind of' playing piano, I feel your pain, it's like; If you were more driven, instead of playing 30 mins a week, you could have potential, but since you don't, you don't really become any better. It's one of my worst habits, with basically everything. The somber ones are really pretty to play, legato is the best anyway, especially with the pedal. Oh and the dreamy ones are also really beautiful.
Well guess that most people on this site have anime (and gaming) as a huge part of their lives haha
Animals are the world to me, they are sooo innocent and cute, they look like they came from heaven, especially cats ;D I have a shi tzu as well, and a westy(: I'd rather have bigger dogs, but it's not yet my turn to decide, can only decide over the cats hahaha
What do you consider your favorite anime?
ah did you come far with tai kwon do? Fighting sports are the best, they really make you relaxed and you actually learn something that you can use in real life ;D How are you liking Eskrima so far? I tried kendo, but didn't like the people on it, they gave a new meaning to the word weeaboo for me xD
well you can go on and tell more about yourself again hahaa

As you might or might not notice, I like typing, a lot. Sorry xD
Apr 07, 14 at 12:08pm
Thou art welcome! I'm doing what I can ;) XD
Apr 06, 14 at 9:08pm
my brother showed me the anime O.o "thanks oni-chan for showing ur sister something so perverted" XD
Apr 06, 14 at 3:48pm
Well he hasn't told too much about you, still no idea who exactly you are, so you may fill that in ^-^
Apr 06, 14 at 12:39pm