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22 year old Male
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Ef - a tale of memories
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
Elfen Lied
Hoshi no Koe
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Toki o Kakeru Shoujo
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perdon por tardar en responder,estoy full de trabajo estos dias...
como has estado? ojala te guste DGM ;D
(avisame que tal te parecio)
mmm pues si creo que si la veo promisoria, me ha encantado encontrar a un par de personas en convenciones, para conocer nuevos amigos me parece bstnte bn :D
Feb 26, 12 at 8:56pm
:D yeii a mi tmbn me gustan las series cortas,para poder verlas completas, pero DGM es mi debilidad :p, no es ningun personaje, una muñeca sin pena ni gloria
Feb 02, 12 at 8:15pm
hola :D mm veamos mi serie fav... diria que digimon todas y cada una de las generaciones y en cuanto a manga seria una difícil decisión , cual es la tuya?
Feb 01, 12 at 2:50pm
Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply!

Yeah I didnt like that either about the stores being so expensive. In fact I was looking at a cosplay costume for sale of Kugome from Inuyasha, it was 69 dollars there. I went home and looked it up online, found it for 40 -_-

Well Ill definitely be going to another. I think a great part of it was just New York City, not my type of place.

Wow you sure know a lot about Japanese art o.o. I dont know much about it, only some Mythology, and so I was planning to draw the Myths in that form, that's all, just to be unique :D

Oh I havent seen High School of the Dead. I'm not a fan of anime's with women with exaggerated enormous breasts and shorty short skirts heheh. But yeah I love Resident Evil >< I'm actually looking for people who like the series to cosplay with.

Oct 26, 11 at 7:05pm
I only went for Friday because we live in CT and didnt have money for a hotel. It was ok, I really liked the stores they had and some of the costumes people wore, but I felt so ripped off because the people I wanted to meet either weren't there or you'd have to pay yet another ticket to get where they were. Over all, half of the convention I was happy half of it depressed.

Well my anime series is kind of like Robot Chicken where it's just random parodies but it also has a story which is presented by Japanese Mythological Beings, and that part I would like it to be drawn in a Traditional Japanese way like this:
The parodies would use actual video footage from it's original art, but only if someone wouldnt want to animate that part.

The show would only last from 5-7 minutes and I would want a total of 13 episodes.

But thats just my fantasy. I have so many things I want to do and something always gets in the way so I never get to do any because the lack of something that I can't really help because it isnt really my fault. It's just hard living where I live, this place can get really boring and no one ever does a thing to improve it.

Oct 15, 11 at 9:23am
Oh I'm not going as anything specific really.
Just hoping I don't look too skanky with everything, I have a new haircut and all.

I have this corset:

Now I need a skirt and a jacket to go with it because I don't think I should use jeans with it, IDK.

I'm sick, hopefully it doesnt last to Comic Con.

Oh do you have any of your work around to see?

I havent started the series yet. I really want to put together a team but I just don't know where to look online. Voice actors you can easily find, everyone wants to be one, but I need people to animate.
Oct 10, 11 at 7:13am
Oh so just studying huh? Yeah been doing that too.
Though I'm feeling more like drawing and stuff, want to start my own web series. Do you draw?

Well Im a bit dissapointed, the people I want to go to comic con just cancelled and all, but at least Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston are coming (unless they cancel T.T). I wanted someone from True Blood or Walking Dead to come too :( IDK, I'm just nervous, hope everything goes well, that Ill look good with the outfit I picked out and not get sick that day or something. Hopefully meet some nice people there too.
Oct 07, 11 at 7:11pm
I've been alright, and you?
Yeah I'm going to Comic Con in 2 weeks, it's my first actually so dont be jealous, I dont even know if Ill like it there.
What have you been up to?
Oct 02, 11 at 4:20pm
Hmmm, your lucky. It's hard here where I live. It seems everyone is just a copy of one person, and when you're different, it really sticks out. At least that's how it feels, especially in school. There be a few who were into anime, but that's about the only thing I had in common with them. It's just hard fitting in, especially in a place like this where there's not even that many cons to go and make friends. I hope it gets easier in the future.
Sep 02, 11 at 6:22am
Well I was into anime when I was younger but then I stopped because I was just a weird kid and scared people so started getting into "normal" things like video games. I recently went back to it after watching american cartoons. In general I just love animation and filming, and now that I'm older, I'd just learned to accept myself as the nerd that I am lol. I've also always been interested in cosplay but not many anime events occur where I live, and there are very little cosplay stores around. So that's my story anyways, what's yours?
Sep 01, 11 at 6:11am