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18+ dating

i am looking for a girl and looking for a fast moving realtiship read my discrption on my profile if you still want to talk the come here and lets talk i dont care where your from lets just have a good time and get a little dirt
hi i will be on all night
Apr 27, 22 at 9:31pm
This dude's gotta be swimmin' in the vaj by now.
Mr. Salt @arc commented on 18+ dating
May 19, 22 at 6:40am
Lol, what girl wouldn't want to get a little bit of dirt with this guy? I love that line
This account has been suspended.
May 20, 22 at 7:06pm
Cringe? At least he's honest.
This account has been suspended.
May 20, 22 at 10:39pm
tbh fair guys and gals he could be ESL
This account has been suspended.
Rain @rainx commented on 18+ dating
Jun 08, 22 at 7:02am
You know I sometimes wonder if any of these desperate plea posts ever worked. Like maybe some just as desperate girl DM's them and they both fly off on discord together and we never really find out if they find love....or you know like most of the time they give up after barely a couple days on the site when no one messages them and they realize how much of a sausage fest it is like most dating sites.
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