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Happy Mother's day to all the moms on here!


I hope all you Mother's out there have a great day!
Continue being awesome!


Just wanna take this moment to shout out Ed @yamadaed homie has been pregnant for about 3 years now.

Happy mothers day


Weebs that have kids are a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.


Not all who are on here are weebs.... Soooooo, there's that. But, on that note... If weebs don't procreate, how do they keep up there being more weebs?

I'm actually not sure if there are any mother's on here. There used to be a couple, but I haven't seen them in a VERY longer time.


Nah some of the user base arent even old enough for their first menstrual cycle. Let alone kids. But happy mothers day to those of you that do. Also fur baby's count.


I can agree with that.


I know of one mom here, whose son introduced her to anime, not the other way around.


Huh... Get them on this thread. Gotta put an embarrassing spotlight on them.;P


They are indeed rare, but weeb moms and weeb dads do exist, and they somehow manage to juggle parenthood with cosplaying! My local cons had some examples. I remember how at either AnimeNorth2019 or AnimeNorth2018 while I was in line at Tim Hortons to buy some lunch for myself then I saw this very happy Tuxedo Mask dad and this very happy Sailor Moon mom with a baby in a stroller. I didn't get a chance to ask whether their baby was a boy or a girl, but I wish to assume that it was a girl, because Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon need a little Chibiusa to rule their kingdom and to marry Pegasis so that his realm could be saved.
*<akhem>* On another note, as long as anime and manga and cosplay exist and as long as there are services which advertise them, there will always be new generations of weebs to come. As long as there are normies who still procreate then weebness will continue to exist, since fresh new-born normies are easy to convert through effective marketing.



Oh, I know they exist. Hell, there used to be an elderly woman who had to of been in her 60s or 70's who used to dress up and go to otakon almost yearly( Otakon is one of the biggest anime conventions on the east coast of the US.). She was known as otagranny. Nice lady, but enjoyed the fun of it and there's nothing wrong with balancing life and having fun.

I do hate calling those not into otaku-dom as "normies", we're all normies in our own way.

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