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26 year old Female
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Nov 18, 20 at 8:47am

You should get it if the shippung isn't too pricey, that sounds scary as fuck. Being trapped in a slave country and it's good! I'm almost done with the show and I like summer more so too if it's windy and sunny then I am happy :3.

Nov 17, 20 at 6:53pm

I saw this and thought of you lmao

Nov 17, 20 at 4:15pm

It kinda is but is cheaper then paying for a apartment or a home mortgage. What are those shows about and I'm watching the dragon prince on netflix! Probably gonna watch big mouth after or some other shows, do you prefer winter or summer?

Nov 13, 20 at 4:01pm

You're welcome Zandy! At least there's different prices since I feel like majority of the ones here are pretty high up there and thank you C:. Ooohhh me too what shows are you watching?

Nov 12, 20 at 5:40pm

*gives you the biggest hug ever!* Warning it's fresh out of the oven so be careful lol and you know that pain? How so and is rent high over there in Sweden? That sounds like a alright week, what series have you been watching and if you see any nice scenary could you take a picture for me :3. My week's been kinda slow honestly, some of rain here and there, work has been pretty dead too but my moods been mostly better ^^.

Nov 12, 20 at 8:48am

Do you want a hug and it is kinda in a chill way :D. Yeah the floorboards are old and squeaky so I basically need to be a ninja while moving in the morning not to wake her lol. Thank you, what do you wish to do for a fun career and :00 nice to meet you Zandalee though I'm gonna butcher saying that. I'm John, how's your week been?

Nov 10, 20 at 5:55pm

Thank you miss<3 though I am sorry to hear that was he a favorite swedish actor of yours? My friend is a big fan of Alexander skarskar and their government is the same as ours sadly :/. It is okay, I left my family and I'm just living with my friend now, still awkward and kinda sucks that I need to be quiet but it is what it is. Kinda hope I can start welding next year and be stable enough financially and emotionally since I'm all over the place lately lol. Thank you for asking, I don't even know your name, I'm John.

Nov 10, 20 at 11:45am

Been up and down but thankfully I'm up now and trying to stay that way! How is sweden and what's it like to be over there?

Nov 10, 20 at 7:00am

You doing alright? It's fine, thanks for that

Oct 29, 20 at 12:29pm

Oh hell yeah that sounds dope :D can you link me it?