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Aug 27, 21 at 11:01pm
I've been stuck inside for months. I'm kind of hoping this lockdown is ending soon.
Mar 10, 21 at 5:11pm
Yo, what's your wallpaper my guy? Link that bad boy B)
Mar 10, 21 at 4:53pm
Jul 14, 20 at 12:30pm
Love coming back here and getting a massive wave of nostalgia.
B. @verflucht commented on Confessions
Mar 10, 21 at 8:55am
Yep, we'll never forget it.
Mar 10, 21 at 8:55am
My political rant is that regardless of politics under Overton window, I heavily despise modern-day politics infecting a lot of my favourite mediums. I detest that a lot of games, shows, and even some literature that is censored or straight up banned just to try and keep up the shambles of what the status quo now demands for unity. There have been mediums that make use of modern politics, such as comedy and documentaries. Still, modern politics make it near impossible for me to enjoy anything that remotely touches on politics in the West. When I absorb entertainment, I truly want a sense of escapism without being reminded every five-seconds that this piece of media conforms to what is seen as acceptable. I think that what has gotten me back into enjoying foreign mediums of things as I enjoy, such as anime and K-dramas.