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29 year old Male
Last online 1 day ago
Athens, GA
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Hey man, just got on here cuz my friends told me about this site. Looks really cool. Btw my friend also calls me torpedo ted lol idk.. anyway just looking for some anime buddies to talk to ahaha. We could like hop in Discord to watch something. If you want like no biggie. Looking forward to hearing from you.. :3
xxx @__removed_leilum left a comment for Travisemo007
Dec 14, 21 at 7:31am
Also guilty, sometimes xD. My cuddle buddy warmth verymuch feels like a real person when I'm cuddling it. No joke. Now you know why lol. It's very wholesome feeling. Def helps with sleep sometimes.
Laffantion @laffantion haha haha *starts nervously sweating*
kester @kester_von_ritterengel N-NO! My knees are just bony and I need the extra cushioning. And my elbows too! yeah...
xxx @__removed_leilum HAHAHAHA u guys qt xD
Shareing is caring D: I want sum pls
It's Friday and I'm gonn dress up and eat a cake.
lol, mine are as long as my arm everytime
you have seen a lot of animes lmao, i hope to one day have that many on my list as well, got any good recommendations?
Versai @versai left a comment for Travisemo007
Dec 07, 19 at 12:05am
Thanx, i got it done back in 2012. Did it all in one day, 12 and a half hours. But ive been wanting it since back in 1993 when i first watched the anime. Lol now that the live action movie came out everyone is all about Battle Angel. Im jus happy people finally are getting into her. Jus hope the 2 sequels make out to the big screen since the movie turned out so good like the original. But thanx though, she's my pride and joy of all my ink!
Jan 21, 19 at 6:55pm
Hello I love watching anime English dub as well I would love to get to know you more you seem like a very cool person
Dec 10, 18 at 9:39am
Alright, here's a Jpg version. Glad you like it. https://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c59/Rubberpenguin/Pterodactylman.jpg And well, I just typed Pterodactyl man in google search, and eventually found this. https://www.halloweencostumes.com/child-s-pterodactyl-costume.html Then played around with the colors in photoshop.