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30 year old Male
Last online about 11 hours ago
Athens, GA
LF Cute gf :3. Ive been solo for awhile and it feels like time has flown by. I just want to find someone to share life with that hopefully might have some similar interests.

I Love finding crystals, playing music&fighting games with others or anything fun. Exploring parks and trails with you ;), punk rock/power metal concerts. Dancing, Cuddling&movies. Road trips&Rollercoasters, I'm generally laid back, open minded, logical thinker. Would Love to get to know someone. msg me(:<3

You don't have to live near me, but eventually I would like to meet up or live near each other if it goes that way. I frequent the following cons: anime weekend Atlanta, momocon, seishun con, kamicon, holiday masturi, maybe ichibancon, occasionally anime expo, eventually colosal con. possibly others as I hear about them. Also not apposed to hanging in VR games/vrchat eventually when I get a headset lol. Maybe discord and watch anime or something idk. Not sure if down to play switch anything, I have one. Also i have seen a fuck ton of animes, so i can recommend some if you like!
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