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Last online about 2 months ago
Heyo! I've been watching anime since I was about 7 years old, and it's always been a huge motivator for me every step of the way since then. I try to stay active (bike rides, baseball, golf, tennis), play video games (mostly racing games and platformers), watch YouTube (GameGrumps, Internet Historian, Value Select, Jon Bois).

I'm cautiously adventurous, but probably a bit lazier than I wanna be right now lol. I try to be supportive and helpful, and I also try to be entertaining and fun to be around. In time, I want to share with the world the things that anime has taught me. Y'know, "don't be a dick", "if you love something, protect it with both arms", "stay focused on the important things like being happy and healthy", "hate only breeds more hate", "take charge of your life because it's yours to live".


I've always imagined that there's a girl out there that's looking for someone like me just like I'm looking for her. The kind of girl that feels motivation and inspiration from anime, and strives to be the change she wants to see in the world. It's not like... A MANDATORY THING, but it's a nice thought regardless.

Ultimately I'm just looking for acceptance just like everyone else. So hit me up and whether we're friends or more, or less, at the very least we'll learn a lot about ourselves from the experience!