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The Coliseum , CA
Updated on: 1/26/2020

Hey there I'm Charles and welcome to my Profile
before that, please know:

I'm a Veteran member of the site since 2012, and now a Moderator as well. I will state the following right now. If you need to report something, please feel free to contact me by:

- Sending me a friend request on here and DM'ing me
- Also asking for my Discord as well (sometimes it takes a while for MO Notifications to pop up)
- I'll do my best to help and get back to you, if I can't I'll direct you to another Mod for help
- Please take screenshots and provide proof too, it makes things easier for me and the Mod team uwu
- I will take screenshots of our conversations to document it when it comes to reports as I take my mod duties seriously

Other Mods:

That being said, please don't be intimidated by me or anything just because of my Moderator Status. I know when to separate myself from my Mod Duties to just being who I am, so don't be afraid to start up a conversation ^^

Cliff Notes About me:

Update in Progress...

Status: Taken