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26 year old Female
Sup? im obviously simgle and want a bf! ^u^ But I also hav intrests, I like most anime (except the pervy ones) and sames goes for manga! I do read other books too (accually im quite the heavy reader.) I love HUGE fiction books. XD Like bigger than Harry Potter! I also luv food! And OF COURSE my favorite music iz J-pop. Accually, the pop muisic (that NORMAL ppl listen too) just gets dirtyer and dirtyer. But i do like some. And as u just guessed, im NOT normal! Its BORING! Im outeside the box, and I'm LOVIN IT! But i do kno there's a time and place for that. ^u^ I also enjoy drawing, dancing (but i need lessons), and going on the web! Even though im terrible with machines.^^;

Oops! Forgots to tell you what i look like (cuz im not going to give JUST ANY RANDOM person my picture)
Im 13, but i look even younger cuz i hav a really bubbly face.With wavy brown hair, and brown eyes. I hav pale skin (but im hispanic) like really pale! but rosy cheeks. (been told more than once, i look like a doll) Im not flat (and i WONT go into further deatil than that! tee-hee i rhymed!) and im really short. About 4ft9in to 4ft10in. And im light weight too! (don't ask a girl her weight, its rude!)

But anywayz, im not picky, but I refuse if you're < 3 years older (that means 16 is my age limit) Srry anyone older than that! ^^; One more thing: I don't talk NEARLY as much as i type, unless im hyped on SUGAR! (which really only happens @ Partz!) >//////< I really want a bf!