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26 year old Female
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trying to get a meetup group going in response to the chatter at the anime conv. on 2/6-2/8. I just created the group in meetup today so i have no idea if it is approved and posted yet. So, i guess i could say that its in the works at the moment lol
zakkuzac @zakkuzac left a comment for Queen_chan4444
Jun 02, 11 at 10:52pm
sup queen hows it goin? you sound like a really interesting person
hey, my name is Astin, nut call me Koto, if you like. it's nice to meet you ^-^. hope to hear from you
Oct 05, 10 at 5:25pm
WOw We are so close in age! So cool i found someone like you!
RuJa4EVA @ruja4eva left a comment for Queen_chan4444
Sep 01, 10 at 8:08pm
*reads description* I'm very short myself ^^" You like to draw? Cool! Do you have any pictures of your drawings? I'd love to see them.
Hi there! Love the description of yourself XD, very.. informative. SUGAR IS TEH BESTEST. But uh ._. Yeah, hopefully we can talk some time. OUT OF THE BOX PEOPLE RULE! Virginia rocks btw o_o I've got a couple of friends there XD. So, yeah ._. Uh... BAI ^-^ Msg me back if you get the chance. Hopefully we can be friends!
lol i have those same kind of people here its way to easy to beat them in all the classes i just laugh when they don't turn in anywork all semester and still are surprised when they get an F. I am practically a ninja at my school i only talk to my friends and i don't make friends easy unless there cool by my standards. the best thing about my school is they have a huge manga section in the library. i still have yet to read even half of it.
All honors classes wow your really smart i only have three then i have chemistry, and human physiology after that its U.S. history )= not the funniest school because in hawaii nearly everyone at school is on drugs and im the odd one out because i have dreams for the future and dont do weed
Those are great choices If you ever become any of those I'll be sure to pick you and I have manga creator to fall back on for me I already thought up a new manga
Thanks it's a messy Job but someone gotta do it so do you have any dream job that you strive for