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21 year old Female
Last online 7 months ago
w yo momma, Germany
Hi to all the str8, gay, les, bi, pan and nonbinary hawties here!

Imma smol bean who is attracted to 2D characters with a big red flag like Lord Farquaad *insert lip bite emoji*. I’m also german and no, I didn’t meet Hitlussy in person and our language isn’t smexy at all.

I also play Genshin quite often, so if you like to play Genshin with me someday or be my whaledaddy / whalemommy just add me:

Genshin UID ↝ 712162259 (EU) (Kokomi and future Yoimiya main)

Since I’m quite busy atm and have no time to come online and chat here, you guys are welcome to add me on discord and instagram:

Discord: nyamina#3327
Instagram: nya.miina