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30 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
Bentonville, AR
Well, I guess I should update this.

Names Randolph, everyone calls me RJ though. I'm a gamer, an artist, a writer and an all around good person. I tend to be easy to talk to. And people tend to pour their life stories onto me. I've been through a bit of hell here and there. But I've been working towards being better than I was.

I love anime and video games. Games are my passion. Went to school for game art. And currently working on a personal project of my own. I like to talk to people. Though I'm pretty introverted. I also love to cook. And I've found myself singing more than I used to.

Favorite Games:
Legend of Dragoon
Last of Us
Lost Odyssey
Final Fantasy 12
Final Fantasy 14
Resident Evil Series
Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Anime:
Wolf's Reign
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Outlaw Star
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Beyond the Boundary

Some of my favorite things to do are:
Play video games, watch anime, write, make art, sing, cook and talk to people. I like to talk about many different things. I love to learn as well. Teach me something new. Talk about something deep. Whatever it is.