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43 year old Male
Last online almost 10 years ago
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Dec 17, 09 at 1:22am

well i might go to ohayo, but its becoming highly unlikely, my ride more than likely cant get off work and im in need of a ride if not. so it seems unless i get a car for xmas then im screwed. loll

Dec 17, 09 at 12:54am

i might be able to go to mtac. i was hoping for ohayo but that might get shot down, and of course thats not the main reason i go to cons =p. lol did you see the otaku dating game this year? after the main setup was done they would kinda vote on who would go up next by a round of applause. i got a pityclap, then went to the toonami panel lol. i was zach fair

Dec 17, 09 at 12:33am

please read through my typos. i got a new laptop and am getting used to the keyboard -.-;;

Dec 17, 09 at 12:32am

I go to omgcon all the time lol. its just that the female otaky there all rejected me or acted like i wsnt there lol. but in general otaku are hard to find unledd theres a convention happening lol