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26 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Ranst, Belgium
Anime fan and i'm damn proud to be one >:D

I speak Dutch/English

Why i do enjoy talking about anime and many other stuff. but either the ones i do talk to are from a different place in this blue ball or are normies who do not wanna talk to anything related to anime. So i am looking for new peeps allways. :D

My anime's i do enjoy the most goes towards the fantasy/ sci fi settings.
And since i am old fashioned myself, i go with the old fashioned classics in choice for best anime ever. (ya'll tried some bebob? :D)

I do enjoy other things besides anime and manga though XD
Gym, Books, games, cleaning (argh germs), music, mountain hiking, photography, figure and model painting, etc...

Interests? some more friends who enjoy the arts and crafts of anime and Manga. who knows...not like i can see what the future brings. (^_^')