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32 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
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And I can relate to some things in your description. Christian here as well.
Heya you're a Yu Yu Hakusho fan as well, awesome. Favorite characters?
Oct 02, 20 at 4:14pm
Decent series, not very long but fairly insane. The guy tracks down, cracks and destroys a stolen mainframe from his flip-phone. Stuff like that. I think my friend who wrote the weekend movie stole the name "Sidehack" from the film "The Sidehackers", aka "Five The Hard Way" featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He was pretty big into MST3K, taped every episode he could find back in the day. So what do you do? I'd like to learn more, if that's okay.
Sep 08, 20 at 8:10pm
Way back when I was in high school, some friends used to make goofy short movies on weekends, basically totally improv with maybe some rough outline and props. Eventually they started scripting hour-long films, shooting scenes whenever everyone was around, and 'sidehack', the hacker sidekick, was my character in one of them back in like 2002. It's been my online handle on various forums and services ever since. I'm not really a hacker. I mean I do work in electronics design and manufacture, which does involve some programming, but I'm not a hacker. You ever seen Battle Programmer Shirase? Now that guy was a hacker.
Aug 30, 20 at 9:58pm
Hey so sorry if it's breaking protocol, I'm pretty much brand new to this site. But this thing says you're a good match and I appreciate a lot of what you've got to say in the "About" section, as well as your taste in series. Reckon I'd like to get to know you better. Hope things are doing okay for you, as okay as they can be in Ohio.
Aug 04, 20 at 8:03pm
Greetings fellow denizen of Ohio. How may I help you this fin eve?
fallenbeautyahri @fallenbeautyaries haaa hello how are you. Love the greeting
I don't give out my whats up app. I got a kik dont want that then dont know what to tell you. I dont want random people having my number. What do you not understand. Dont get smart with me. When I choose to give you my kik. Take it or leave it.
Jul 29, 20 at 6:15am
does anybody even use kik anymore
fallenbeautyahri @fallenbeautyaries Some do I do. And I use discord
Yo my Kik is kuruproto
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