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34 year old Male
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Shelbina, MO
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Nov 15, 20 at 9:00am

This is what I meant, not the AO series in general, that was trash.

Nov 15, 20 at 8:42am

Dudeee I know how you feel sadly haven't gotten a tattoo yet but I do have the complete blueray of it! The AO movie or last or unreleased episode was probably the best part of the second series honestly. I'll have to check if it's on YouTube but it was definitely worth a watch. Don't bother with the first movie since it's basically like a shortened version of the series with some small changes but Amenome is suppose to be completely different but I haven't watched it.

Nov 15, 20 at 6:55am

I see you enjoyed eureka seven as well XD. I still haven't gotten myself to watch the Amenome movie yet


No but I believe it.


Whats up with the sidehack name?