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When I was born, I didn't talk to my parents until I was 6. GET ON MY LEVEL.
Hey. I do warehouse work, driving heavy machinery. Last anime I watched was the newest season of Demon Slayer. I'm not sure what I plan to watch next. I wanna watch the second season of Love is War. The game I'm currently playing is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but I wanna get into Valheim(don't have the game yet.....but I somehow SORTA got it? It's weird.). For Vtubers, I watch whoever's playing anything interesting, really. Pikamee, Baelz, Moona, Fauna, etc.
What do you do? Logistics and inventory control What anime you watching? Just finished akamegakill and trying to go back to mushoku tensei waiting for the bleach ark to be release What game are committed right now? Genshin impact,lost ark,league of legends and rocket league Any vtuber you watching? Mostly hololive but branching out Or anything else. Looking for night owls to link up game and the sort
This. This, right here. This is the dream. I want this. So much FLUFF!
Feb 22, 22 at 8:11am
There's always gonna be idiots like that. I bet there's people that'll look at 4k and still call it crap....
I put Cyberpunk on hold to play Horizon Forbidden West instead on PS5. Probably the best looking open world game, regardless of console or PC. Cyberpunk could be, but it's a completely different setting so it's hard to compare which looks better overall. https://i.imgur.com/g4UZdRZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4qzFfr1.jpg I've seen comments by obvious Microsoft/PC people trying to downplay HFW and have been idiotic enough to make claims such as The Witcher 3 on PC LoOkS bEtTeR
There is a way to "scale the mountain" easier: The movies. Some of them cover arcs in the span of one movie, making a big cut-through while skipping the extra stuff/filler. Plus, the animation is better, IIRC. Or, you can just focus on the manga. The Wikias help connect where the manga and the anime are, making it easy to transfer from either one.
I have always wanted to get into One Piece, but I just haven't been able to get into it. Ive heard really good, and some bad, things about it, and Ive always been interested, but it just seems like an unscalable mountain at this point. Ive tried watching it a few times, but I always fall off about 5 or 6 episodes in
iti02 @iti02 left a comment for datritzboi
Feb 11, 22 at 10:01am
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I used to play that a lot. It was fun trying to find out new fusions.
Started replaying Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist Of The Roses, still a great game! Forgot how awesome the intro was https://youtu.be/2_HLw1KjROM?t=17
Puts you in a good mood (sometimes)
Food is good
*looks down through the comments* Wait...I DID know!
Looks crazy lol thumbs up
I didn't know he did that cosplay. I envy that. I'll have to ask him about that sometime.
Looks crazy lol thumbs up
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