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Oct 20, 22 at 6:10pm
right now im struggling with katakana its confusing knowing there are other set of abc that mean the same thing but ill try it
Oct 17, 22 at 3:23pm
いいね!頑張ってください thats a good way to start off. find some good vocab decks. Also check out wanikani its great for learning kanjis and vocab. Another thing that has been really helpful for me is passive listening. Like jp streams or podcasts. Once you have a foundation of vocab and grammer I would suggest reading the easy nhk articles. they are so good for reading compression and i read them everyday. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/
Oct 17, 22 at 1:51pm
damn that sounds interesting. how did you gain access to japan , if you dont mind me asking?
Oct 14, 22 at 6:09pm
I'm currently in Japan right now. In Okinawa. Not a huge fan of Okinawa but I stayed in mainland Japan near Tokyo for a month and a half over the summer. I also took a mini vacation for the weekend to Osaka to visit Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Japan location. While I was in the Tokyo area, I explored the city. Went to Akihabara, Yokohama, Atsugi (Got a tattoo there), I took the bullet train over to Kyoto, I also went to a small rural area with a shrine in the center of the lake and a backdrop of Mt Fuji. Absolutely love mainland Japan. Okinawa is just intense heat and typhoons.
slayyyyy @slayyyyy left a comment for ロイ
Sep 22, 22 at 12:29am
Daggerfella @daggerfella left a comment for ロイ
Aug 28, 22 at 9:55pm
i did a long time ago.
Daggerfella @daggerfella left a comment for ロイ
Aug 28, 22 at 7:51pm
yeah ive been trying to ban the bots. usually can catch most of em. im doing ok. unemployed atm but im not too worried
Daggerfella @daggerfella left a comment for ロイ
Aug 27, 22 at 9:47pm
man wallace, your still here buddy?
Mar 21, 22 at 4:44am
Damn a lot of non-mainstream gems in this list
barelyalive @adhdbot left a comment for psiren
Mar 20, 22 at 4:56pm
(sorry in advance for the format, for some reason it won't let the final post go through with line breaks for me) I'll try to categorize some of the anime i've enjoyed and list them here. Hope it helps you find something! --(1) heartfelt + cute ~ Anohana --(2) silly + wacky + cute ~ Arakawa Under the Bridge --(3) mystery + mild sci-fi / fantasy ~ B: The Beginning --(4) rōnin + short, nice story ~ Dororo --(5) mystery + heartfelt ~ Erased --(6) action + controversial topic ~ Jormungundr --(7) suspenseful + thought-provoking~~ Parasyte --(8) dark + suspenseful ~ The Promised Neverland --(9) emotional + growth-oriented ~ Violet Evergarden
May 21, 21 at 3:03pm
It's a decent high school introvert kind of anime
jayraket @jayraket left a comment for Seruru-pi♬
May 07, 21 at 1:53am
Can you or anyone else tell me if Watamote any good id much appreciate it
Max @reclaw left a comment for ロイ
Sep 10, 19 at 7:08am
I have a cold, but apart from that I'm great~ I bet colds don't even exist in Callie <w<
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio left a comment for ロイ
Sep 09, 19 at 11:10am
jalisco mexcio? neta eres de alla?