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Izuku Midoriya

Last online about 5 hours ago
Arlington, TX
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Izuku, thank god you are still here dude. You bring this site such positive vibes ^^ Plus you showed me so much kindness over the years that I appreciate tons. Seriously. I'll try to stick around and log in more. I know I said so many times I'll be here and I leave for several months but I'm gonna try. Hope you been doing well over the last year and are in good health ^____^

Izuku Midoriya @code_016 Thank you I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m glad to make you feel that way for sure I honesty never thought about that but it’a definitely good to hear. No worries about logging in man. I know there are other things to worry about IRL. I’ve had times that I said I would stick around, but was gone for months. Don’t stress about it, really. It’s just always awesome to see you around
⛩Chillhouse⛩ @chillhouse Yeah I never know one day to the next if I will be here for another week, month or minute and glad you can relate. But I feel I lose familiarity with you guys when I leave for extra long periods so maybe I can leave but not a year. I'll try not to stress though. Thank you. It's awesome seeing you around as well. I'll try to pop in once and awhile and post on your wall maybe like a meme or something.
Izuku Midoriya @code_016 Sure thing man. Oh and just so you know, I do work a different schedule a d work overnight now. I’m awake when others are sleeping;-;
⛩Chillhouse⛩ @chillhouse Aw, sorry about the new schedule dude. >.< I hope soon it'll reverse for you. Thank you for telling me though so I now know

To clear up a bit of confusion, these drawings are from the creator of BNHA himself


Xinmage @xinmage left a comment for Izuku Midoriya
Apr 25, 21 at 5:35am

I could be vinyl...

Though I prefer MP3s these days.

Don't have to worry about scratching records as much.

Izuku Midoriya @code_016 I know it’s you XD You have a unique way of posting things. Your type of humor and posting patters are your signature

I took this apart two years ago. Decided to take it out of the box I left it in and started to rebuild it. GN-001 Gundam Exia (In progress)

Izuku Midoriya @code_016 Perfect Grade. I have the “Repair” parts as well, as you can see from the eye

[Found this online]

Feb 14, 21 at 1:27pm

Another new one from the latest set. Going in my zombie deck.

Rei @reisenpai66 But the greatest set was the eldrich moon block :p ..i fucking love my black blue zombie tokens tho
Izuku Midoriya @code_016 Looks like Magic got a upgrade. With cards doing things like this the game may be faster than what it was
Premium Upgrade
Aug 16-19