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Jul 09, 16 at 9:42pm

psg fan? XD


Oh, hah: I actually just chose this picture mostly for the awesome pun. Played more Soul Calibur than Street Figther actually.

Jul 09, 16 at 5:40am

And she's clumsy remember when zhe feel her star bucks coffee? I laughed as hell tho xD


Mmmh I don't really know what cool anime are coming out in the summer but the animes I watch now that are currently airing are ace attorney and jojo. What is a good anime that is going to be released soon? (Btw I haven't watched too much anime so I'm trying to catch up with alot of older anime)


No problem if you have any question just ask

Jul 01, 16 at 10:42pm

Oh my god! Cap! You have awoken something inside me I never knew I wanted!!! どきどき~<3 I am a musician and overall man of music and to know I never experienced these angelic voices and this glorious language! You asked me if I wanted more, you could lead me farther down the yellow brick road. If you would, I'd like for you to strap me in and send me on a one way no stops bullet train to Kpop central!!!

Jun 29, 16 at 4:25pm

Thanks ^^

I'm a bit sceptical of the new series

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